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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Still looking for P-Mac

There are many of you who are either too dedicated to Where's P-Mac, too lazy or too retarded to read my stuff over at goazcatsblog.com. Read that shit please, I post at least twice a week and every now and then I'll post a gem like "All eyes on 3," where I am able to come up with a title that connects 'Pac and Brandon Jennings and throw down a sick Jennings interview. Where else can you read Jennings talking about people crying who can't get on the 18-year-old's bandwagon?

I hope you all understand that selling out in the blogosphere is the cool thing to do and switching blogs is a completely acceptable practice. Henry Abbot is balling at True Hoop, so is the Mighty MJD, Bethlehem Shoals, and the nine million other bloggers that AOL's FanHouse stole from their original blogs.

Even if you don't like Arizona basketball, which is completely understandable since it's going nowhere fast, read the blog as I try to make it as WPM-ish as I can.

Also I'd like to take this time to thanks life-long Bears fan and Fry's customer Alex Spicker for inspiring me to keep WPM updated. I'm sure if Alex had the opportunity he would encourage everyone to bank at Wells Fargo and only use words with one meaning.

Now let's get to some oldschool WPM shit, that I've had in my head for the past month or so...

First for these lame motherfuckers who are supporting the wrong McPherson.

I went up to these masked men on the UA mall and told them that they could spew their bullshit to me as long as I could get a picture of their silly sign.

Turns out they are a group of people wasting their lives by protesting Scientology. I refuse to even give them the satisfaction of Googling Lisa or linking to their shit, but they basically told me that Lisa McPherson was an old, rich white lady, who gave a ton of money to Scientology then got cancer.

Instead of taking Lisa to a hospital and using conventional medicine the broad was ironically killed by the very church she had supported for the better part of her life.

"They said they were taking her to a hospital, but instead they drove her 100 miles in the other direction and took to a house where they denied her food or water," the masked idiots told me. "She died of dehydration and cockroaches ate her dead body to the bone."

It was tough not to laugh at these people and it was even tougher to understand what they hell they were doing. By the time I write this blog a couple thousand Africans will have contracted AIDS, a few more thousand people will have been raped and killed, and there are a couple million more things wrong with the United States. But these people chose to spend their time protesting Scientology because one woman who was part of the church died from it?

Umm... OK... Find a real cause then come back and bother me.

Second order of business...
Somehow I my television watching has declined sharply in that I don't even watch anything on TV besides syndicated Seinfeld and Scrubs marathons, but Summer Heights High has been consuming a lot of my time recently.

It's a brilliant mockumentary of an Australian high school. It's shot like The Office and has one guy playing three characters like Da Ali G Show. It's created by Chris Lilley, who plays the flamboyant drama teacher Mr. G, the private-schooled, self absorbed teenager Ja'mie King and rebellious student Jonah Takalua. (BT dub all those clips sucked, but I didn't want to ruin that many funny jokes in the show)

The show is fucking genius in many aspects as it mocks a girl who overdosed on ecstasy and has a very strange relationship with mentally retarded children throughout the entire show. It also uses excessive profanity which is a prime qualification to become on of my favorite shows.

It was an 8-episode mini series on the Australian Broadcasting Channel that reportedly will be part of HBO's summer 2008 line-up. I never thought I would be obsessed with TV from Australia and it's neighboring countries, but after Flight of the Concords and Summer Heights High, I am now waiting for Indonesia and the Solomon Islands to step up to the plate and create their own comedic programing to entertain me.