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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another throw away post

SLAM: Before you quit blogging about the League, you were one of the more successful and well-read writers in the hoops blogosphere. What are some of the things that led to your decision to quit the game, so to speak?

Brian Spaeth: Boredom as much as anything. I’d always considered YAYsports! NBA a comedy blog, not necessarily a basketball blog. After about a year I kinda felt I’d done everything I could with that combo of format and content.

I’d have to find it, but I wrote a post at some point when I started to get a lot of traffic that stated in no uncertain terms that one day I would get bored and quit out of nowhere. That’s exactly what happened, and then I stayed a lot longer than I should have, and it showed in the work.

Like February to maybe November 2006 is when I think the site was really killing it in terms of quality. Before that it was finding its voice. After that it was getting stale and/or I was distracted with the movie. Either way, I guess I had said all I wanted to say.

The following post like many of the recent posts is me continuing to overstay my welcome and run down this blog. Enjoy.

- I really, really need this Aaron Brooks bobblehead.

- Having been the biggest Chase Budinger fan throughout his entire collegiate experience, I could not be happier that he's now starting and routinely putting up 15 and 8 while connecting on alley-oops from Aaron Brooks.

- I also could not be happier that the Knicks #8 pick, Arizona's own Jordan Hill might be heading to the D League.

- The recent passing of Chris Henry reminded me how badly I wish Gilbert Arenas was still alive.

- Josh Pastner is one of my favorite people on earth. I was reading this NY Times article the other day at work, until I got to this line:
“You know what it is?” Pastner said, explaining his motivation. “It’s wanting not to look back and say we should have done this, we should have done that. You want to maximize your time, which doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to win a lot of games; it just means you can look back and have a peace of mind knowing you gave it your best shot.”
Then I went back to work.

- Great move by the improv comedy team, the New York Knicks, who brought back Jonathon Bender, a man who had not played professional basketball in the last decade.

- They backed up the Jonathon Bender hilarity, by announcing they'd rather play Satan over Nate Robinson, who is the default face of the team because nobody outside New York can name another current Knick.

- Finally this video of the Glove being the Glove while discussing Brandon Jennings. The end is quite poignant.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Four Minutes of Fake Thought

For better or worse my life has taken a turn for the unbloggable. I have a real job. I do other shit. I don't really find much of it appropriate to blog about. Don't worry everything is still incredibly silly, but I don't think my boss would like it if had the ridiculousness was published on the internet.

Those in my inner circle get a quality g-mail every so often and the rest are left in the dark. One recent long e-mail spawned the following conversation:

Sep: This isn't wherespmac
Tar: Of course it isn't wherespmac Sep. It was entertaining, contained 5 minutes of real thought and was read by 7 people.

For the six or so of you out there, here is some quick fake thought I am jotting down in no particular order.

1. The new Clipse album. Ughh!
2. I was devastated when the Nets one their first game I really wanted them to lose a full 82. I started reading CDR's Twitter, which was hilarious because he was tweeting in suicidal manner. Everyone was writing to him as if someone died in his family.
3. Terrance Williams Twitter appears to be quite comical as well.
4. I still fucking hate Twitter and one day I will have enough time to remove the Twitter link from this blog.
5. In the mean time enjoy the Lisa Loeb video that was my last tweet.
6. I did not watch any Arizona football games this year, not even the UA/Oregon match. I have decided the only aspect of sports I care about is Brandon Jennings.
7. I loved Nate Robinson returning from injury, shooting on the wrong hoop, landing in D'Antoni's dog house and not playing any more.
8. The funnest part about living in New York is being around die-hard Knicks fans.
9. This list would be better with links.
10. This morning I received stupid change after breaking an extra dollar on a large cinnamon bun from a street vendor that should have only been $1.00 instead of the outrageous $1.25. As the street vendor handed me my change back I wished death upon him. Then I looked at my reflection in the cart window and thought abut how silly I was being for wishing death upon a man over a quarter. Then I realized he was still the asshole for over charging for a cinnamon bun, so I proceeded to wish death upon his whole family.

Then I walked by a Salvation Army bell ringer who was singing on a stereo he had hooked up. It was nice. Then I walked by another Salvation Army bell ringer who was doing the same except murdering "Feliz Navidad." That's murdering in a bad way to clarify. It was nicer. It was 8:30 in the morning and this guy was just missing every note to a classic. So I atoned for my previous mental death wishes by giving some change to the Salvation Army dude. As I poured two dimes and a nickel (I kept the quarters for myself for future laundry purposes) in the red bucket I saw the dude was rocking a first generation Zune.

Then I walked away.
11. I have completely forgotten how to tell stories.
12. There are WPM sneaks coming in the future.
13. New banner is up.
14. My main excuse for not blogging is that I have spent the past month in the park with a hippie-blanket trying to recreate Young Jeezy and Kobe Bryant poses.