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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paul McPherson get at me

The first of what hopes to be many Wherespmac.com sponsored fiestas is coming to a Tucson apartment complex near you. Anybody reader out there who wants to come this Friday night is welcome, e-mail me (jadler1@email.arizona.edu) and I'll hook you up with directions.

Thanks to all the people who clicked an ad or two. Despite my fedi being deep on the injured list, all the scrilla raised is being thrown on the party.

Good people. Good beer. Good Music.

Who knows, there might be a Nic Wise moment of the party.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm boycotting Gatorade

Don't ask how this pic of Jim Jones is germane to this post.

OK. The Ducks lost. Where's P-Mac's last great source of content is on ice until next season. I'll try and keep the following brief and more biased than Len.
  • The CBS announcer who is not James Brown says, "He has a nice package down low." in reference to Malik Hairston's game. I love the way random package jokes will always be funny.
  • Ray Schaefer gets burn early on. Damn, this doesn't bode well for the Ducks.
  • Lee Humphrey hits a trey so nicely it tears the net off the rim. It takes the maintenance crew approximately three hours to fix this and CBS has no idea what to do since they cannot go to a media time out for nine seconds. Keep in mind that if Tajuan Porter tore the net off the rim with a 3-pointer I would have rambled on for 2,000 words about him being the greatest human being west of Lil Wayne. However, since the white John Amaechi known as Lee Humphry did it. I will underplay it with, that was pretty cool, I guess.
  • At the half Oregon is down 38-40, which isn't too bad considering Tajuan can't find his shot and the Ducks are 3/10 from beyond the arc compared to Florida which is 7/14.
  • The brilliant CBS announcer drops, "The ducks refuse to fly away." How long you been sitting on that one?
  • Malik fouls out. Pretty much everyone on the Ducks has at least 4 fouls or so it seams.
  • Those Diet Coke commercials where the two douche bags want to sue Coke are the worst thing to happen to TV since CBS. The fact that Coca-cola blatantly abuses Sacha Baron Cohen's style of bizarre-interview comedy should never be forgotten by the general public. Fuck you Coke. Fuck you.
  • Because this is a March Madness basketball game, the Ducks keep it close throughout despite Tajuan missing everything he puts up and the Ducks being out-rebounded by 156,239. I'm actually pretty sure that CBS pays each school money to keep the games close. I mean how else can you explain Champ Oguchi a.k.a. Dat-nig-oguchi (his screen name, not my words) hitting a 3-pointer with a minute left.
  • Tajuan doesn't hit a 3 until the 43-second mark. He finishes with 10 points hitting only 2-10 from deep.
  • The Ducks lose 85-77. Fuck.
Tajuan Porter Moment of the Game sponsored by Nic Wise: It seems like CBS went out of their way to zoom in on Tajuan's ear multiple times. Why? I have no clue. I'd still rather watch an hour long still shot of T-Po's left ear than any other CBS programing though. How is this the TPMOTGSBNW? I have no fucking clue. I just pissed the Ducks lost and I hate CBS.

Sneaker Watch: Nothing really new, a few nice AF25s. Nothing spectacular.

Random Silly Pictures of Coach Kent:

Friday, March 23, 2007

The only game that matters Vol. Make it rain

And now the third and final chapter of the 'Where's P-Mac' recap of Oregon's run to the Pac-10 title.

I really hate USC fans. The stupid ass "victory" sign, which is called a peace sign in the rest of the nation. The horrible "We are. SC" chants. They just really suck. However I will give props to the 'SC fan who was rocking a customized authentic Miami Heat Harold Miner jersey.
16:15 Aaron Brooks drills a 3 from about 5 feet behind the arc to tie it up at 7.
13:00 Tajuan a.k.a. TP3 a.k.a T-Po a.k.a. Smack your favorite point guard hits his first 3 to put the Ducks up 15-7.
If your son is playing in the Pac-10 Championship game in his senior year after being considered one of the best point guards in a point guard-rich conference you show up to the game early right. Not if your Aaron Brooks' family who arrives at the Staples Center at the 10-minute mark in the first half.
9:30 Lodrick Stewart, who I was calling L Rod Hubbard throughout the Tourney, throws down a dunk of an alley-oop.
Halftime: 37-24, Ducks. All is silent in the Stapler as the 'SC fans have been completely taken out of it.
17:35 Bryce Taylor comes alive in the final game and hits a 3 to put the Ducks up big, 45-24.
15:45 Joevan has another dirty crossover and he trudges his way to the basket for the ugliest lay-up of all time, but it still goes in.
14:15 Tajuan's the shit, nah, nah, he's sewerage. Either way another 3-ball puts the Ducks up 52-30.
11:08 Aaron Brooks buries a 3 from the corner to double the Trojans score 64-32. Unforgivable.
The Ducks band plays the theme of "Ducktales." Much respect.
The Ducks sub in everybody on their bench but the trainers. Who the hell would have thought Ray Schaefer would have played in the Pac-10 Championship game against USC.
Bryce Taylor finishes with 32 on 11-11 from the field, including 7-7 from beyond the arc.
Maarty Leunen's entire family (pictured below) is crying tears of joy. All is right in the world.
Ducks win 81-57. Time for the hoes.
Tajuan Porter Moment of the game sponsored by Nic Wise: The man won Pac-10 Tourney MVP. As a freshman. What's more gangsta than that?

Sneaker Watch: Adrian Stelly rocked his black/white Air Jordan XVs, which I found out he got from OSU way back in the day for like $25 according to his boy. Champ Oguchi was rocking something ridiculous with yellow laces, no clue what they were.

The only game that matters Vol. Show me my opponent

OK, so this is a pic from the NCAA tourney, but the XVIIs needed their love

Wow. I just realized I am posting these notes from a game that happened two weeks ago tomorrow. Sorry blogosphere, it won't happen again, I swear.

Anyways here are the game notes from Oregon versus Cal in the semi-finals of the Pac-10 Tourny.

  • 17:50 Tajuan is flier than a pelican, he wets his first three 6-2, Ducks.
  • 16:50 Tajuan is sicker than the third floor on hospitals and he pulls up from deep on a fast break! wet.
  • 13:31 TP3 is colder than the motherfuckin' north pole and he burries another trey. In the words of Knocturnal (who may be hanging out with Paul McPherson some where) Super ugly 18-9, Ducks.
  • 12:40 Tajuan proves he's human misses a trey.
  • Cal's band plays Kansas' "Carry on my wayward son." Incredible.
  • 4:49 Joevan "Stay Fresh" Catron crosses over some big white dude, who wasn't half as fresh as him, forcing the man to fall on his ass. He then gets fouled and hits two from the line.
  • 1:47 42-21 After Aaron Brooks hits a tough lay-up. The wanna-be $hamrock in front of me yells "That's my boy." No fake $ham, he's not.
  • :04 Aaron Brooks drives left throws up an off-balance double-pump jumper. Net. 44-23, Ducks going into the half.
  • Holy shit. The Oregon band just played Phil Collins' "Easy lover." Easily one of the top-5 songs of all time.
  • 14:13 AB hits TP3 at the top of the arc. Dinero. He gets dough boy. 49-35, Ducks.
  • I always assumed that Zona's dog-ho cheerleaders were representative of the whole Pac-10. What hot chick is going to want to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning to practice. However, after seeing all the other Pac-10 cheerleaders I realized Arizona is the only school with beat cheerleaders. What is this?
  • Cal's band plays Journey's "Small town girl"
  • 2:20 Tajuan is mad nuts. How am I gonna add up all these 3s. He hits back-to-back triples. 74-58, Ducks.
  • Final: 81-63

Tajuan Porter Moment of the Game sponsored by Nic Wise:
Chomp. Chomp. Show me my opponent. Way to take a page of out of Weezy's book Tajuan.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So who edits Gil's blog?

A little vacation in New York has further delayed the Pac-10 Tourney recap. Don't fret, it'll get posted eventually. However, DeShawn Stevenson gets some 'Where's P-Mac' love for this gem taken from Agent Zero's NBA.com blog.

Message for Mister 50
I want to clear something up, because there is some confusion with me and DeShawn’s antics. When I do my hands after I shoot, when I shake them, what that means is it’s cooking. It’s hot. That’s what that means. I’m frying them.

When DeShawn does his hand over his face, it’s not Tony Yayo. It means, “I can’t feel my face,” from Lil Wayne.

It means he’s on fire in some sort of silly way.

If "I can't feel my face" just means that DeShawn is on a hot streak, from now on I will assume Young Jeezy really likes building snowmen, Jay-Z is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Baby has a deep fascination with birds, Beanie Sigel just likes playing Tetris and Ghostface is a fisherman.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The only game that matters Vol. Enter the 12th chamber

Was it hard rooting against the school I attend? The school I have cheered for over the past two years? No, not at all, not when I can barely recognize them in lame navy blue jerseys with horrible white piping. When the opposing team has Aaron Brooks and Tajuan Porter it makes it that much easier.

  • The Cats must have only ordered 11 new warm-ups because David Bagga, who is still in the midst of a sophomore slump after his phenomenal freshman year, is rocking a red warm-up while the rest of the team wears navy blue.
  • 17:32 Tajuan Porter has four boards already. (cough) Freshman of the year. (cough)
  • 15:27 Lute finally realizes that Staf is worthless and gives Nic Wise some burn.
  • 15:07 Ernie Kent fights fire with freshness and puts Joevan “Stay Fresh” Catron.
  • 12:30 Aaron Brooks (6’0’’) stuffs Ivan Radenovic’ (6’10’’). At this point Radenovic’ should just walk off the court and blow his brains out. Instead he grabs the ball back and misses a lay-up.
  • 10:58 An Aaron Brooks 3 makes it 16-9, Ducks.
  • 9:40 Brooks wets another 3 then blocks Jawann McClellen. The man fills a stat line quick.
  • 8:08 Chase tries to justify his freshman of the year award and strokes a 3 from dead on. 21-16, Ducks.
  • 5:29 Jordan Hill brings the Cats within three, 24-21, after an and-1.
  • 3:36 Malik Hairston hits a 3 to put the Ducks up 10, 31-21.
  • 2:47 I guess I can't officially call him Chase "no-‘D’" Buinger because he blocks Bryce Taylor. Halftime: 34-23, Ducks.
  • 18:15 Staf hits a lay-up for his ONLY two of the game. Way to make the most of your second to last basketball game on U.S. soil Staf.
  • 13:20 Radenovic’ proves the Stanford game was definitely a fluke and waits until the second half is halfway over to get a bucket. The rest of the second half was Tajuan Porter hitting 3s from anywhere he wanted on the court, while Arizona played half-hearted (except for Jordan Hill).
  • Final 69-50, Ducks.

Nic Wise Moment of the Game: As Nic jogged up and down the court playing at three-quarter speed, you could read the thought bubble above his head. “Damn, why the fuck did I commit to this school as a high school freshman?” Let’s be real, Jerryd Bayless is going to come to Tucson next year try to be the next freshman phenom, set a few school records, try to carry the team on his back, destroy all team chemistry, and the Cats will be lucky to be as ‘good’ as they were this year.

Sneaker Watch: Once again Oregon was constrained by their white uniforms…Mustafa Shakur, who brought out black/white Penny IVs in the 2006 Pac-10 Tourney, wore his usual black/red Zoom LeBron IV…Radenovic ’ and Fendi rocked navy blue Air Force 25. Malik Hairston dark green Air Force 25. The random old UCLA fan in front of me wore Gil Zeros with Dockers. Gangster.

One day in the near future I will try to actually break down why I chose to root for the Ducks over the Cats. It's going to take some deep thinking, on a psycho-analysis level, but it will get done. I should also credit goducks.com with the word 'Tajuan-derful,' I wish I could think that hard and be that creative.

Also props to Daniel Dillon for getting suspended for the ever-ambigious "violation of team rules."

The rest of the Pac-10 Tourney recap of Oregon's glorious run will come in due time.

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's a Tajuan-derful life

...Unless you're the Cats.
The Pac-10 Tourney review...In due time.

Go Ducks.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things that are dope

1. This video:

Kanye's old-ass cousin a.k.a. Wise Kanye rocking the Jordan V's with a suit. Dope. A dead bear mouthing the words to "Throw some D's." Dope. The old broad signing the lyrics. Dope. The whole puppet show theme. Dope.

2. Jay-Z caking $204 million off Rocawear. Dope. In cash! Doper.

3. Rich Boy's self-tittled debut album. Surprisingly Dope. Polow Da Don did a real nice job on the production and Rich Boy's Mobile accent is fun for children of all ages. Guest appearances by David Banner and John Legend!! are dope. It's been out for a while, but the album includes the remix of "Throw some D's" with the odd squad of Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee (where the hell have you been?!) and The Game.

There are about 800 quotable lines on the album, but these are my favorite so far off a quick run through of the cd.

"If you're sucking my dick
you better swallow that shit
you young bitch
n*ggas still runnin they mouth... [sound of gun shots]"
---Touch that ass

"I’m Murphy Lee please tell your sexy little sister (I’ll call)
Last time she ask me for some money I was (Hell to the Naw )
But now I’m rich and she can get it
See these D’s match my fitted, My paint is Banana Splitted
Inside is totally ign’t, Outside is totally kiddin’
To be specific it's wicked, how them dirty boys get it
Dat Buick Regal (done did it)
My Montecarlo (‘s terrific)
That El Dorado (got switches)
Shamicka an’ them (I done hit it)
That 20 mill (I done spent it)
That house on the hill (I live it man)"
---Murphy Lee on the remix

Rich I owe you an apology, your music is actually brilliant.

Why Nike? Why?

(Pic stolen from Fashion Forward)

Somehow Arizona will play Oregon on Thursday and the Cats will have the crazier kits. Eveyone on our team will look ridiculous in these jerseys, period. Seriously tight shirts with 8XL shorts, who the hell came up with these? The only person who might be able to pull off the Under Armor-esque jersey is Fendi Cent, but Staf and Chase are just going to look lame. The only plus will be Nic Wise's gut, which should look rather comical in the Express designed top.

The only picture of the Cats new uni I could find is the shortswhich are basically the women's team shorts on steroids

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Warning: This post contains a picture of Ed Cota

Everyone has their day

Selfish [sel-fish] adjective
1. devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others

2. characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself: selfish motives

3. cheering for Stanford solely because you do not want to see the Wildcats (the school I attend) play the Ducks (a school that I have been to once and love solely because of Phil Knight's association) in the opening round of the Pac-10 Tournament.

4. knowing that if the Cats do lose to Stanford, Lute's 19-year streak of 20 wins and his
22-year streak of 11 Pac-10 wins will go down the drain.

5. willing to throw away your school's bragging rights of having a power-house basketball program, just so you can further enjoy the Pac-10 Tournament, a Pac-10 tournament that you overpaid $90 for because the Zona Zoo is wildly incompetent.

The above was my views toward the Arizona vs. Stanford game, a game which Arizona won forcing them to play Oregon in the opening round of the Pac-10 Tourny. I missed the entire game because of the UA track meet. If you want to read the Antoine Cason mid-season report, based off only three! performances this season, feel free to click here sometime tomorrow.

Sadly as a result of being gone for the entire day, I missed 10 minutes of Nic Wise playing time and I missed Ivan Radenovic' have the game of his life. I still can't believe that I missed Nic come within 5 points, 9 boards and 9 steals of a triple-double. I probably should take the high road and praise ol' Ivan for his performance, but I'll leave it to the pros to describe the fluke.

Since this post is rather short for a sick basketball game I'll throw in a pic of Bibby rocking the Air Foamposite I as he d's up ED COTA!!!. You're welcome.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lute's shakey season continues

Believe it or not, the above picture is not Lute Olson's attempt to draw a straight line. It's actually a mock Richter Scale of the earthquake that shook the Haas Pavilion tonight. Early reports indicate the quake was in no way related to Weezy F. Baby.

UA edged-out a win against the DeVon Hardin-less Cal Bears, which means that if the Cats can pick up a win at Standford on Saturday Lute can keep his 19-year streak of 20 wins and his 22-year streak of 11 Pac-10 wins alive.

No game notes, but here's all you really need:

Nic Wise Moment of the Game: All these DNPs are killing the NWMOTG, so we're gonna have to throw it back to a time when he was just a young Houston hard head all about the scrilla. Today we salute the Nic Wise who rocked the black/red XIs while the rest of the team rocked white team-edition kicks. Seriously though Lute, give Nic some burn he can't be any worse than Staf from behind the arc. (Click the picture below to enlarge)

Sneaker Watch: Mustafa Shakur all-black Zoom LeBron IV...Marcus Williams, Patrick Christopher and Jerome Randle white/grey Air Jordan XX2 (I'm thinking about investing in an HD-TV just to see if players are using the interchangeable double stack zoom air or the encapsulated air cushioning system).

UA alum in attendance: ABC's Tom Tolbert, which provoked the following conversation:
My roommate: Is that Fred Durst?
Me: No, but it's one of the few humans in the world on his level of douchiness.

Randomness: Best take on the entire Lute Olson situation...OK, this is the most random art ever...This just sucks...K-Mart has had my respect since he told the Nuggets announcer to introduce him with his JuCo and not Cincy after Cincy dropped Bobby Huggins, dude's a pimp.