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Monday, December 31, 2007

Quick hits

So many different things make this play trill...1. Darrell Reid points to the #21 on the back of his helmet right after the hit. 2. He murders former Wildcat Chris Henry, who once called all Tucson sports writers "fucking idiots." 3. The replay at the 37-second mark. 4. I just hate Chris Henry.

Speaking of the #21, props to my friend Gould aka Gouldini for coming up with the greatest idea of all time in buying a Sean Taylor Fathead. The only downside, Fathead does not make Sean Taylor posters. Haters.

Sticking with the 'Skins, Clinton Portis may be the best dresser in the NFL.

The only thing touching this might be Takeo Spikes' Chinchilla hat (props to 700 level).

More things that are awesome
The Blaze winning 13 straight.

"During halftime of the Jets’ previous two home games hundreds of men on one of the Gate D ramps chanted at the few women in the crowd to bare their breasts. If they did not comply, the men threw plastic beer bottles at them (NYT)."

Only awesome in the true definition of the word, but worth reading for the sheer disturbing factor. Iraqi street cleaners.

The 40/40 opening in Vegas (click pics to enlarge).

Finally, vote CB4.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Can't hardly wait

The Brandon Jennings-led Oak Hill Academy played in the McKale Center tonight...jumping straight into it..
  • Who ever puts on UA events should be ashamed of themselves. I was more excited for this high school basketball game than any Cats game this whole season, enough so that I got there a whole 30 minutes early (I know it's not much, but I like strolling in right at game time). As I got to the game there were two massive lines outside McKale one a wristband which admitted you into the game and one to get into the game. Why not let those who paid simply walk in to the event? I have no fucking clue. Also a belated 'fuck you' for the mess that was the UA alumni game, which was also a ticketing mess.
  • Fortunately I got in before the game and was able to score third row center court seats, not too shabby (c) Adam Sandler. Good enough to get this shot with my camera phone.
  • Spotted Jawann McClellan wearing a dumbass angry snowman tee. Someone should let Jawann know it's no longer 2004 and he's not Young Jeezy.
  • By the way the Cats edged out San Diego State today 74-58 in a game that was much closer than that score.
  • Brandon Jennings stood out from the Jordan Brand-sponsored Oak Hill with his black/red XIs. Filthy.
  • The game was the first part of the GoAZCats.com Showdown, which featured a bullshit Tucson basketball game after the Oak Hill game, that's basically the equivalent of Jay-Z opening for Grime (a shitty Tucson rapper nobody listens to).
  • Jennings hit the first bucket of the game with a deep, deep 3 that barely moved the net.
  • Later on in the first quarter Jennings was coming up the court yelling "Iso! Iso!" while his coach was trying to call another play. He's just that cold.
  • In the second quarter Jennings stroked a long 3, steals the next possession, then spins to the basket for a tough lay-up. He casually bops upcourt looking up at all players' points. 22 points with 5 minutes left in the second quarter. No big deal.
  • Jennings finished the first half with 26, as Oak Hill led James B. Dudley(NC) 55-42.
  • He continued to put on a show in the second half netting 3s with ease all the while looking like he was barely trying. He never went for a defensive rebound, played a 'casual' defense and usually never went inside the perimeter on offense, he just stood around the 3-point line calling for the ball, then getting it and effortlessly wetting 3s.
  • It should be noted that Brandon Jennings' favorite class at Oak Hill is lunch.
  • Oak Hill's starting center Keith "Tiny" Gallon is a 6'9'' 300 lb beast who had a defender on the floor for five minutes after he tried to take a charge. The man is massive to say the least.
  • After it was all said in done, Jennings had 49!! after playing all 32 minutes of the game. Oak Hill won 102-91.
  • He won the bullshit MVP award, which as one of my friends noted, "He would've got if he scored 15 points."
  • After the game the local media swarmed the high school senior. Crazy fucking attention for an 18-year-old.

Random Shit:
How did Chuck Hayes get to the NBA doing this?
Where are they now? J.P. Prince putting up numbers for Tennessee.
God damn sailing captains always showing their tits.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The return Pt. 503

Props to my little brother Scottie for MS Painting the pic of AI

Guess who's bizzack...Making a return from one of my many unpredictable and often for no good reason weeks of hiatus. I guess having people anxious to read Where's P-Mac is the gift and the curse as it forces me to write. It started as a little way to practice my writing with the ambition of being a sports writer behind it, now that that dream has been all but scratched and this blog is really just another way to procrastinate and share interesting articles.

That explains why the site hasn't updated since I have no schoolwork to put off. Without schoolwork I just put off blogging just to keep my procrastination addiction strong.

Anyways I'm stuck in Tucson for the second winter straight due to work and I'm finally starting to like the town after three years of living here. I'm pretty sure living in two blocks away from 4th Avenue adds a little ethos to the wanna-be-hippy side of me. That and if I keep complaining that Kierland represents the gentrification of Scottsdale I shouldn't be upset with the slowed-down style of Tucson...Let's get to some links...

"I never played a game sober, unfortunately" --This would be cool if Keon Clark was still in college, but alcoholism like Keon Clark's isn't that funny. Imagine his game without the bottle.

Funny addiction of the week goes to Caron Butler and his extreme love for Mountain Dew.

"Before every game at Connecticut, I drank a two-liter of Mountain Dew. I'm dead serious. Ask my wife what she would have to go get me before a game. I'd be like, 'Hey, stop by the 7-11, bring me a two-liter.'...Y'all think this is just a game; it's dead serious," he said. "I've got six refrigerators in the house. I used to have Mountain Dews filled in all of them. I don't have A Mountain Dew in my refrigerator no more. It's crazy, man. "
If you're interested in Canadian co-op brothels for the Olympics, you should listen to this.

Fuck, I still want a "Free Mike Vick" shirt.

Everyone needs to go out and buy Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool." Just an incredible album.

Brilliant headline...Props to the guy back in the day who just wanted Britney's little sister and went out and got it.

If you are tired of my lack of blogging read Roman's Empire for quality sports writing that updates almost daily. Really, really good shit over there, especially if you like UA hoops and the Lakers, or if you just miss his columns in the Daily Wildcat.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fa la la la la! It's a Dipset Christmas!

Honestly, a young writer like myself trying to review Jim Jones' "A Dipset X-mas" is like a 3rd-grader trying to understand quantum physics. I've listened to hip-hop for the better part of my life, but even I am having trouble understanding the greatness of Jim Jones following his masterpiece "Hustler's P.O.M.E" with a Christmas album.

Obviously, Jim Jones a.k.a The Capo a.k.a One-Eyed Willy put out "A Dipset X-Mas" not to make a quick $100k from Koch Records, but clearly for the kids. The album booklet has perhaps the greatest quote of all time to not come out of Gilbert Arenas' mouth as it reads, "'I wanted to make a Christmas album for kids in the hood and shit like that' -Capo."

The album is a dynamic masterpiece filled with cocaine-altered allusions to a white Christmas, freshly baked pies, doves and any other Christmas related topic that can possibly be interpreted into a cocaine reference.

The album begins with Jim Jones declaring, "It's fitna be a good Christmas this year, Santa know when you good or bad and we ballin." over a less synthesized, more hip-hop infused version of Paul McCartney and Wings' "A Wonderful Christmas time." The lyrical masterminds of Dipset changed the chorus to:

"The musics tight
The block is stuffed
We here tonight
And thats whats up
Livin fast and ballin at Christmas time
Livin fast its a Dipset Christmas time"

Chalk it up to a poor education in public schools or just blame my ignorance, but I don't know every C-list Dipset member by their voice, but one of the Goons (Mel Matrix I believe) opens his 16 with "I'm tryna live everyday like it's Christmas/I shovel yay so every day a n*gga risk this" and then ends the song with "And everybody spaz out/get blowed homie 'til you fuckin pass out/it's Christmas!"

It's hard to comprehend all that and still have four more tracks to go, but I'm going to try. The second track titled "Have a Happy Christmas" does not have as many quotables. It's a darker song about growing up poor with no presents in a single-parent home, until your rap/trap-star career turned it around enabling you to cop a couple of Ranges for the fam, you know shit we can all relate to.

The third track titled "Wish List" starts with Jim Jones recalling "I lost my mind ma, all those broken promises on Christmas, Christmas got me going insane ma, I can't front, I used to want every gift under the book, but it just never came, December 25th was kinda crazy for me."

The entire track is underwhelming and it has one of the worst beats in the history of production, but the hook of "I'm losing my mind over this Christmas, trying to grind for everything on this wish list" saves the track.

"Ballin on X-Mas" is the best track on the album as Jim Jones, Stack Bundles (R.I.P.), and J.R. Writer tear up RUN DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" beat. Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit mor than hearing Jim Jones spit "In all my years standing on 112th, I never seen Santa or no elf" then follow it with "You can tell Kris Kringle (tell him what), money ain't a party, he can bump my single."

Then Dipset unleashes the best hook in the history of music:
Deck the halls, it's a Dipset Christmas
We all ball, it's a Dipset Christmas
Fa la la la la! It's a Dipset Christmas!
We fly high, it's a Dipset Christmas
Christmas cheers, Dipset's here, Ballin every day!

On top of that J.R. Writer murks the flow as he compares himself to St. Nick, "Me and Santa alike, you know why I'm getting cake here, I grab a ho-ho-ho and make it rain dear. So fix your face queer." Then Mr. Writer lays down one of my favorite lines with the verse, "Cause it's kinda funny that my lawyer kinda clumsy the way he catches cases and drops it."

The Christmas portion of the mixtape concludes with "If every day was Christmas," a track where Hell Rell, Mel Matrix and Stack Bundles accompany Jim Jones over a "Jingle Bells" beat.
None of the verses are worth mentioning, but a nice soulful hook (below) makes the track enjoyable, well that and Hell Rell fitting "I'm that fucking n*gga" in every verse.

How I wish that every day was just like Christmas
On my list, got my everything my girl and my kids want
How i prey that my dogs will stay all about Christmas
'Til that day that we all got the power and riches

The rest of the album is another forgettable Dipset mixtape. The Capo follows the Christmas portion with a track titled "We get money," where he yells, "A message to you rap police, get off my dick, you smell me? You Donnie Brasco-ass n*ggas, Mike Lawrys, you shouldn't want to be like these n*ggas, you fucking faggots, snitches, dickheads!"

Well said Jim, a great message for the kids indeed.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cats at Illini

Arizona at Illinois...well pretty much at Illinois

UA came out like shit...Woke up...Actually Chase snoozed through the whole game...Nic Wise continued to be a beast...After I bashed him last week, Jordan Hill played a hell of a game...Cats win in OT 78-72.


  • What the fuck is up with Jawann McClellen shaving a "5" in the back of his head. First, it looks completely retarded, second do you need same numeral 18 inches from the 5 on the back of your jersey? Don't get me wrong I love some good art on the back of heads, word to Anthony Mason and Ron Artest, but hair art is something where you either go all out or keep the blade down, no in between. Jamelle Horne I see you too.
  • Not related to UA hoops in any way, but I need to throw out this excerpt from the LA Times article:
    • Ellerbe pointed to Mayweather's crossover potential by relaying a story about Halloween at the boxer's home. After his childhood of scaled-back Halloweens, Mayweather made three trips to the grocery store to stock up on candy bars for kids in his gated Las Vegas neighborhood. He gave away so many that the children who'd seen him on "Cribs" basked in his generosity by urging him to "make it rain" Snickers, a nod to his public cash displays.
  • How the hell does Chase Budinger go the entire regulation without a field goal? Find your fucking shot. I still can't figure out, how a team leader can go a game without a field goal.
Where's P-Mac Nic Wise Moment of the Game: The moment of the game goes to ESPN's announcing crew for sucking Nic's dick throughout the game. "He's the spark plug of the entire team!" "He has such incredible quickness." "His defense is like a cobra strike!" "Another beautiful dime dropped by Nic." Plus many more I forgot, in addition to the lame "He's so wise" puns.

Sneaker Watch: Bayless going from the Lebron Vs in the first half to the Air Jordan Concord XIs in the second half, way to pay homage to the building that Mike built.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I'm not if I love this kid or hate him. I'm pretty sure he has already reached everything I want in life...I think. I really don't even know what to make of it. It's up there for one of my favorite articles of all time though. A cool feature on the coolest kid/biggest douche ever, definitely worth reading all five pages.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Why you all aggie?

Truthfully I wasn't even going to post anything about tonight's UA/Texas A&M game. Posting game recaps isn't really my steez any more, even if it was the part of the foundation this blog was built upon.

Then fourth quarter I thought to myself "Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy a bigger place and more baggies, why you all aggie?" from Jay-Z's "Heart of the city." And that's pretty much the only reason I'm recapping this game, because there is a dope Jay-Z line that goes with it.

If I ever was a sports editor, I'd make all my writers lead with lines from Jay-Z and if they ever submitted anything from "Kingdom Come" or any of the "Best of Both Worlds," I'd fire them. Overcoming a 20-point lead to win by 11. Not nearly as important as something Jay-Z said six years ago.

On to the game...
  • Kirk Walter started. That's about all you can say about Kirk tonight he started. His box score has more O's than Hov's kitchen in '88, except for the 4 fouls and 2 turnovers he picked up in 8 minutes of action.
  • Chase Budinger was on again, but for some reason coach O'Neill loves keeping him on the bench for crucial stretches of the game.
  • Nic Wise actually played a solid game, for the first time since...well ever.
  • Bayless is really sick, putting up a season high 26 (off 12 shots, he went 10-10 from the line), but I still don't see how he'll be a one-and-done player. He's not NBA sick, yet at least.
  • The fans started to go crazy as UA turned the game around at the 12 min mark in the second half. A huge part of me was scared the Zona Zoo would embarrass UA and rush the court for a No. 9 upset. Thank God they didn't
  • Jordan Hill sucks. A lot. People love him because he dunks, has braids and is always at every party in Tucson. But at the end of the day he can barely play D and has a basketball IQ that's less than his age. Give me Bret Brielmaier any day of the week.
  • Cats comeback and win 78-67, giving the Aggies their first loss of the season.

Where's P-Mac Nic Wise Moment of the Game: Nic played well, what else can I say? Plus the comparison below should be enough comedy for tonight.

Sneaker Watch: Jerryd Bayless and Jawann McClellan wearing the white/navy blue Lebron Vs...Everybody else step your game up.