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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Big ups to Brooklyn!

I think a new banner, a fresh domain name and a hard-earned c-note are reason enough to run a celebratory pic of the Universal Magnificently, which I ripped off Jonathan Mannion's site. If you guys could only understand the blood, sweat and tears that went into making this banner through MS-Paint and getting it up on this site, you would understand why I can now look at this site with the same b-boy grin as the mighty Mos Def.

Also that banner wouldn't have the gangsta imagery it does without the help of Tyler Smith.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tales from the crib Vol. Fuck the Devils

Jumping straight into it...

  • 18:28 Marcus Williams wets a 3, 7-nil, Cats.
  • 17:32 Everyone's favorite Serbian misses 2 free throws.
  • 16:47 Marcus gets another 3 to put the Cats up 10-2.
  • 16:06 Radenovic' redeem himself and hits a pair from the line.
  • 14:13 On a break-away Marcus spins to the basket. 14-7, Cat. Marucs has 8 of Zona's 14 points.
  • Besides budget issues there is no excuse for ASU to not have their names on the back of their jerseys. This is not a storied basketball program. Right now, four out of the five guys on the court for ASU have lame golden undershirts. Lame.
  • If anyone can find me a picture of any college player from the 90's when frayed shooting sleeves were cool, I will send you a 'Where's P-Mac' prize package.
  • 12:00 Arizona has eight turnovers in the first eight minutes
  • I try to check how many boards Chase Budinger has and this game is hardly acknowledged by CBS and not on ESPN's scoreboard page. Then I realize the Cats are no longer in the top-25. Dammit.
  • 10:13 First miss of the night for the Cat as Jawann throws up an air ball from 15 feet.
  • 8:36 A Budinger 3 puts the Cats back up 10, 22-12.
  • 4:40 Serge Angounou hits another 3, the announcers say he takes the lead for the Devils. No Gary, the Cats are still up 24-20.
  • 2:11 No. 11 hits a 3 for ASU. Tie game 28-28.
  • 1:31 ASU takes the lead 31-30 and holds it until halftime. I could get into this being the whole reason why I don't love college ball like the NBA, but I don't feel like looking up enough stats to enforce everything.
  • Halftime: I couldn't find actual stats to back this up, but I'd assume it looked something like offensive boards: UA: 3 ASU: 92
  • 17:50 Nic Wise forgets that he is Nic Wise and clap for Chase after he gets an open dunk
  • Much respect to Staf for pulling the most 'g' move you can pull in a basketball game* and switching kicks at halftime.
  • * not including anything Nic Wise has ever done
  • 16:10 Christian Polk throws up a deep three and catches the bottom of the backboard. Beautiful
  • Jeff Pendergraph is a sophomore forward on a very, very weak ASU squad, yet Radenovic' is doing his best to make him look like one of the premier big men in the nation.
  • 5:40 Radenovic misses a point-blank put back that could have increased the Cats lead from a pathetic three points, 49-46.
  • 4:55 Chase drills a three from the top of the arc, 52-46, Cats.
  • 4:10 Serge Angounou hits a 3 as the shot clock sounds to bring the Devils within 3, 49-52.
  • 3:39 Marcus Williams lobs the ball to Chase, who goes to the 10th floor (c) Tom Leander, to complete the inbound alley-oop.
  • Cats faithful love giving themselves false-hope for the current season by bringing up all the turmoil of the 1997 championship season, such as the 97 squad losing 4 of their last 7 games. This is along the same kind of bullshit lines as coaches telling high-school freshman, "I'm sorry we have to cut you, but did you know Michael Jordan got cut from his freshman high-school basketball team?" That's great and all, but 99.99999999999999999% of freshmen are not Jordan and the 2006 and 2007 Cats are not the 97 Cats.
  • 1:36 An ASU three makes it a 1-pt game, 58-57.
  • :40 Radenovic who is somehow 88% from the FT line misses the front end of an 1 and 1.
  • 2.2 Derek Glasser gets fouled by Marcus on a 3-point attempt as the Devils are down 4, he makes the first two and accidentally makes the third. Nothing can go right for the Devils this season.
  • 1.2 Chase goes to the line, hits a pair, that's the ballgame.
  • Final 61-58

Nic Wise Moment of the Game: Late in the second half, Chase hits a big three for the Cats, stretching UA's lead back up to over 4. Again no emotion out of Nic. He just sits there, mean muggin' the court. One can only assume it involves Nic thinking knowing he is better than Chase. All I know is that this off-season, Lute and Nic better sit down over a cup of lean and hash things out to a Screw Tape or else Jerryd Bayless better be Jesus fucking Shuttlesworth.
-Anthony Tarnowski contributed to this NWMOTG

Sneaker Watch: Staf 1st half black/red Zoom LeBron IV...Staf 2nd half Air Max Penny I...Nobody else had anything new

Más: I was right last time Aaron Brooks was rocking Jordan B'Loyals...Solid take on this game done in a more professional manner...Did I ever mention I love Oregon...R.I.P. Shaun Livingston.

En media res

I really didn't plan doing shit with this blog until I could figure out how to get a g'd up banner for the top of the page. But I couldn't sit back and watch Aaron Brooks kill at will and not give the man his respect. Right as I awoke from my Saturday night nap, I wake up to AB cutting through three Huskies then throw in a lay-up over his shoulder, chasing that feat of greatness with a deep three and then I seeTajuan Porter clank a three from about 54 feet. Classic 2007 Oregon basketball. Props to the newest member of the Blazers, ex-duck Freddy Jones being at the game, even more props to the white/green XV's in the pic above.

  • 11:06 Adrian Oliver jinxes the return of 'Where's P-Mac' with a three to put the Huskies up, 65-64.
  • ???? FSN goes clockless and Joevan 'Stay Fresh' Catron goes unconscious, ripping the ball on the defensive end before weaving through defenders and going behind his back before giving the rock up.
  • Tajuan Porter draws the defender way behind the arc, misses the shot but gets the foul. He hits all 3 FT attempts, 69-65 Ducks.
  • Father of the year award goes to the man who dressed his son in a black Joey Heisman Ducks jersey and introduced the boy at a young age to The Pit. Best parenting ever.
  • 8:40 AB gets two at the line to put the ducks up six, 71-65.
  • 7:20 Tajuan in transition pulls up for a long 3. No dice.
  • 7:01 Tajuan follows the miss with a behind-the-back pass on the break to Malik Hairston.
  • 5:19 Ducks go up nine, 80-71, after Tajuan connects on a corner three-ball.
  • FSN flashes a stat that Tajuan is just two 3-Pt FGs away from the Jason Kapono record of 82, I fully expect Tajuan to break that in the next 30 seconds.
  • 4:37 Quincy Pondexter hits crazy lay up while being fouled by Brooks. I'm still real pissed that Quincy is not Cappie's brother, being the big Cappie Pondexter fan that I claim to be. It's noted that Quincy has between 100-150 sneakers, if his chest didn't read 'Washington,' I would respect this man greatly.
  • They flash the ASU highlight of the fans rushing the court after winning their first game in what was an 0-15 Pac-10 season. I can't even make a joke there, ASU rushed the court for their first Pac-10 win in FUCKING February.
  • The ducks coast to a victory leading by seven for the final four minutes of the game. 93-85.
    • Line of the night: Aaron Brooks 30 on 10-14 shooting, 6 boards, 5 dimes, 4 steals and only 2 turnovers.
    • Tajuan only had six 3-pt attempts?
Nic Wise moment of the Game: I can't even imagine what Nic Wise does on the weekends but it's probably not even acceptable to be published on the Internet.

Sneaker Watch: If the ever was any criticism about Oregon basketball it would have to be their weak kick game with their white jerseys. Generic team edition shoes, you can do better than that. Although I'm pretty sure Aaron Brooks was rocking some white/green Jordan B'Loyals.

Question of the night: My friend Andy calling to ask if you take Brooks or Durant with the No. 1 pick in the draft. No brainer, Brooks.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thanks for nothing

Today was Senior Day which is basically like when an award show honors Two-and-a-half Men, why the fuck should we honor something that's at best mediocre and usually just sucks. Staf, I won't miss you and Ivan, I'm going to try to make one of those cool Men-in-Black memory eraser devices in an attempt to forget I ever had to watch you. Jerryd Bayless can't put on a Cats uniform soon enough for me. Here are the notes from the final home game of the 2007 season. For the record: the USC notes didn't happen because Antione Cason forced me stop the blogging presses. I apologize.
  • 18:35 UCLA jump ahead 6-0 in a contest where both teams are wearing their away jerseys. Lute can't take it and calls a timeout to confirm Radenovic' is a real human and not just a hologram that players can drive through and rebound over.
  • Whoever creates the "Zona Screw," the Zona Zoo's flier consisting of analysis and chants for the game, needs to note how I just wrote "their away jerseys." I don't know how you can make it to college and still write, "Arizona looks to swing momentum back to there side on senior day." Come on now.
  • 16:48 Radenovic' misses his first lay-up of the game. I underestimated ol' Ivan, I would have taken the under on him missing a lay-up in the first three minutes of the game.
  • 12:10 Darren Collison buries his second straight 3-pointer to put the Bruins up 23-11.
  • Wilbur who came out in the game with some retarded, cheap UA shorts found his authentic joints and is now proudly cheering on Zona. He's also sporting a new #7 for the second game in a row.
  • 10:08 Shakur is not disgracing himself on Senior Day. He wets two 3-pointers in a row to bring the Cats within six, 17-23.
  • 8:46 Jordan Hill, who needs a gangsta nickname badly, has an emphatic two-handed dunk to make it 23 all.
  • 6:38 Darren Collison finds Lorenzo Mata for an alley-oop to put UCLA back up seven, 30-23.
  • Richard Jefferson, Luke Walton and Channing Frye make what I assume to be a little detour to see the Cats play before heading up to Vegas to take part in all the debauchery that is NBA All-Star Weekend. If I were in their shoes, well one, I'd be pissed because Luke wears L.A. Gears, but I'd bring a suitcase full of one million dollars, straight cash homey. Then I would just see how much fun I could have blowing it all in one night. That'd probably make for a sick blog post.
  • 5:33 Staf drives to the paint and does...well what Staf does every fucking time. This time Darren Collison is called for the foul, but the point of the story is that Staf re-injures his right ankle, which has been bothering him for two weeks now.
  • Enter Nic Wise, who checks into the game sans his cape headband.
  • The dude behind me is proudly holding a sign that reads, "Tim Hardaway for President." I have no clue why he made this sign, granted it's funny as hell, but germane to absolutely nothing at the game. I would rather have Tim Hardaway as president, not because of the war in Iraq, knocking down the towers, or anything else college kids/Jadakiss loves to hate Bush for, but simply because Hardaway's "killer cross-over" was that sick.
  • 2:48 After doing nothing and looking like a complete G while doing it, Nic is taken out of the game for Daniel Dillon.
  • 1:42 I have no idea why, but Jawann does not check into the game until this point. What the hell is going on Lute.
  • Marcus Williams gets an open lay-up as the buzzer sounds.
  • Somehow the Cats are only down one at the half, 35-34.
  • The greatest halftime event of all time happens when my friend Craig wins a Zona'd-out Vespa. I looked every where on the Internet and couldn't find a picture of it. Picture candy-apple red paint with huge UA logos all over it. And it's a fucking Vespa! I'll get some pictures and post them soon enough.
  • Things to officially note about Craig:
    • 1. He is a loyal bears fan.
    • 2. He has been to almost every Cats game and has not removed one game-day wristband from his arm. Ever.
    • 3. He skipped our 4:30 English class on Thursday to get in line for the 8:30 USC game.
  • Feel free to make your own lame caption, that would have still not been funny a few years ago, about this picture of Staf getting his Justin Timberlake on.
  • As I walk around the McKale Center in my Steve Kerr Chicago Bulls jersey a man selling Eegees icees tells me that he has the same jersey and jokes that I stole his. I actually saw the three-toothed man laying in a campus park while wearing the jersey. I assumed he was a g'd-up bum, although the line between bum and Eegees vendor is very, very gray.
  • 15:16 Josh Shipp sneaks back door and finishes a sick alley-oop from Arron Afflalo. 47-40, UCLA.
  • 13:15 I have no real evidence to back this up but I'm pretty sure Marcus Williams never makes his free-throw attempt on and-1s. It's weird that the leading scorer and a man who is deadly from the elbow cannot hit a free throw. The Cats are within four, 46-50.
  • 7:03 Darren Collison sinks a 3 with a second on the shot clock. 60-50, UCLA.
  • 5:43 With the Cats down 12 Chase hits a three and gets fouled in the act. He hits the free throw, 56-64, UCLA.
  • 3:35 Michael Roll hits another 3 for UCLA as the shot clock expires. Lute goes insane as the Bruins continue to pull away, 61-74.
  • I hope somebody from Staf's family got a picture of Staf in his final game at McKale as he stood at the line with 2:15 on the clock. It be as godly as Mike's 6.6-second picture, but if I'm from Philly and playing in my last home game, that's a pretty cool pic.
  • The Cats lose 81-66 and drop to 17-9, 8-7 on the season.
  • The seniors are honored post game. My friend and I are the only ones booing Radenovic' who finished the game with a stellar 4 points and 3 boards, the final two boards coming in the last 1:30 of the game.
  • I will give it up to Staf for having a solid game, 17 points, 6 dimes, 4 boards, and only 2 turnovers.
  • Props to Darren Collison who dropped 17 and had a career-high 15 dimes to go with it.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: When Chase Budinger hit a huge 3-pointer and was fouled in front of his own bench, everyone hopped off the bench to pick him up and give him a few high-fives. Everyone except Nic Wise. Why the fuck would Nic get off the bench to congratulate him, Nic could have done that himself. Easily. In fact, I'm sure Nic could have done it much better and probably got at least 5 points out of it.

Sneaker Watch: Mustafa Shakur finished his McKale Center career in the black/red Zoom LeBron IV...Ivan Radenovic' failed miserably in some white/red Air Force 25s...JawannMcClellen white/red Air Force 90...Daniel Dillon black/red Air Force 90...Jordan Hill black/Carolina blue Jordan Melo 5.5...Josh Shipp and Russell Westbrook white/royal blue Adidas Gil Zero Mid...Luc Richard Mbah a Moute royal blue Adidas Pro Model S...Marcus Williams wore some the same all-black Nikes that I may never be able to figure out.

On a random note, why the hell is Britney Spears rocking a Fila hoody?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some good ol' muzik

Tum-Tum you are the lucky winner of Where's P-Mac's bullshit rap video of the week award. Tell us a little about yourself.
Taken and unedited from Tum-Tum's MySpace:
"Gd up.one of the realist niggaz out.A 350 nigga tryn 2 put dallas on the map and reps his click 2 the fullest.Tryn 2 tell the worl my point of view and my thoughts u might not like my thoughts but their mine and my opinions and how I feel and I could give a fuck about a rabbit ass rapper gettn mad over my shit."

Gangsta in the sense that he couldn't afford a PR person to make his MySpace so he took his third-grade education and wrote it himself. I'm pretty sure the people over at Ford might be the only ones to disagree with his opinions. Then again I doubt they even know this video exists.

I completely shocked this did not make Chevrolet's Superbowl commercial, which starred the TIP Harris of the hit movie, ATL fame.

Here's Caprice Muzik by Mr. Tum-Tum aka Tumzilla himself:

  • Bench-pressing was cool when Doughboy was drinking 40-ounces on the front porch. It was still gangsta when Denzel played it crooked and rolled through the jungle. Tum Tum took it to another level by having hoes spot him as he benches. Gangsta, but not nearly the Capo Status that is doing push-ups with a ho on your back.
  • If a song dedicated to Caprice Classics wasn't ghetto enough, the dominos secured the utter ghetto-ness of this video.
  • I really hate the director, Mr. Boomtown's decision to shake the video with every drop of the bass. I guess that's why they call him Mr. Boomtown.
  • Props to the little kid on the corner holding a Godzilla doll in one hand and chunking the duece with the other.
  • "Beep. Beep. Who got the keys to the Caprice? Neeeruuuummm" If I was Missy Elliott I would break my Lamborgini-television-bed as soon as I heard that.
  • "One bopper, two bopper, three bopper, four." No comment.
  • Having every stripper and person from your hood come out to support the video and dance around some Chevys. You gotta respect the originality.
Bullshit rap video scale:
Rims: 4.5/5
Bitches: 5/5
Grillin the camera: 4/5
Stacks of money: 0/5 (How you gonna put the D on the map with no scrilla)
Cadillacs: 3/5 (GMC makes the Caddy for a reason, step ya game up Tum-Tum)
Shots of your projects: 2/5
Guns: 0/5 (All the bench-pressing in the world can't stop a hot one)
Drugs: 0/5
Liquor: 0/5 (A little lean coul have helped)
Total Score: 18.5/45 (41.1 %)

Still not cracking a 50%, these bullshit rap videos need more guns, drugs and lean. Simple as that. Is it that hard to get a few prop guns, show a little yay and front with a few bottles. Am I asking too much? Come on now bullshit rappers, we deserve better.
I'm still not sure what is up with the fade-to-mullet thing Tum is rocking and I'm still too confused to further comment on it.

As always for those of you came here for the chopped-n-screwed version, I got ya.

The greatest cover-up ever

I believe this is much more important than who killed Kennedy (for the record, if I ever become a rapper I plan on using the moniker of Jack Ruby). It's much bigger than any 9/11 conspiracy theory. This may be the biggest conspiracy of all time. Damn Spike for trying to hide behind the levees when he was at the heart of this the whole time.
Johnny Kilroy is my new favorite person of all time.

The man would rather I didn't post it here so you will have to the site to watch it.

I guess Phil Knight and Co. decided to roll with the cover-up, here is the commercial that followed:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bear down 'Dre. Bear Down.

Lost in a day featuring the ESPN hyped-up KOBE! versus LEBRON! and on the same day Agent Zero tragically did not live up to his e-words from his blog. Andre Iguodala threw down the greatest I'm-down-22-but-maybe-this'll-catch-Greg-Oden's-attention dunk of all time.
My video editing skill are greener than Shrek, so you'll have to wait 10 seconds into the video for the godliness to happen.

This was the first video I have ever put on YouTube. You're welcome world.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cats, snakes, chickens, ducks, elderly people and twerkers I presents to you...Round II

The rematch. No. 13 Oregon hosting No. 24 Arizona in a Coaches vs. Cancer game where both coaches are sporting the Larry David look and wearing sneakers with dress pants. I've decided that before I die I need to sit amongst the Pit Crew in the McArthur Court, it's like the Zona Zoo, except much bigger and with energy. Also random props to Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis for being pulled over with marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. Some notes from the afternoon.
  • 17.10 Jordan Hill gets his first block of the game, Chase is starting a cold missing all three of his first 3-ball attempts.
  • 15.28 Tajuan "I've never seen a 3 I didn't like" Porter already has two misses from NBA plus five feet 3-point land. It's 9-4, Cats, after a 7-0 UA run.
  • 14:25 Marcus Williams does not miss from the elbow. Ever. 11-4 Cats.
  • 12:35 Maarty Leunen hits a 3 to put the Ducks up 14-13.
  • 11:48 Tajuan buries a stupid-long 3-pointer, 17-15 Ducks. Lute doesn't even wait for the media time out and calls one himself.
  • Joey Harrington, Ahmad Rashad aka Bobby Moore and God himself, Phil Knight are all sitting courtside supporting their team.
  • 5:20 A Bryce Taylor dunk makes it 25-23, Ducks.
  • 4:40 Tajuan jacks up his 237th 3-pointer of the game from about 40 feet out and draws straight air. Bryce Taylor follows up the disaster with a dunk with the foul.28-23 Ducks.
  • 4:00 Mitch Platt goes up for a fastbreak lay-up and gets swatted by Shakur. For as much shit as I give Staf, nobody in the Pac-10 can fuck with his transition defense.
  • 3:21 Radenovic misses a lay-up and The Pit chants "USA USA USA." I've never been more impressed with a college, I log online and begin to fill out transfer papers.
  • :50 Bryce Taylor hits a 3 from dead center to put the Ducks up 10 36-26.
  • 2.7 Jordan Hill launches an inbound pass a full 94 feet to nobody. Ducks ball underneath their own hoop.
  • 2.7 Aaron Brookes finds Bryce Taylor for an easy lay-up 38-28, Ducks at the half.
    • 3-pt FG UA 1-7 ORE 5-12
    • Chase leads the Cats with 13 on 6-10 shooting.
    • Bryce Taylor has 14, shooting 6-9.
    • Maarty Leunen has 10 connecting on 2-3 of his 3's. Also worth noting is that he is not foreign, despite being a big white guy who can hit a 3. One of the brilliant ABC announcers keeps alluding to his European upbringing despite the fact that he was born in Washington, according to Oregon's athletics web site.
  • 17.55 After threes from Chase and Marcus the Cats trail by 2, 38-40.
  • 15.03 Oregon gets up 9, 47-38, after a Leuen 3 and shitty Cats turnovers. Staf gets angry and does what he does best. He drives right side throws up a bullshit shot and eventually draws a foul. He hits one of his two attempts after being bombarded with chants of "Urkel."
  • 14.09 Chamberlain Oguchi misses an open lay-up, grabs his own board and steps out of bounds. Well done Champ, well done. 47-42, Ducks.
  • The Pit begins chants of "Chase is ugly."
  • 12.15 Joevan Catron should stick to slanging customized Nikes and Tims. Catron turns it over, then has Chase rebound a Jawaan miss over him and put the ball back. Catron gets out-rebounded on the block by Radenovic! and then fouled the ol' Serbian. At the end of it all it's 51-52, Ducks.
  • It's noted that Malik Hairston only considered Nike schools when picking colleges. I cry tears of pride for the man I've never met in my life.
  • 8.22 Tajuan pulls up from 20 to hit a 3-pointer on 2 on none fastbreak. Ruthless. 64-55, Ducks.
  • 4.44 Jawann gets his first 3 of the game, 64-66, Ducks.
  • 3.52 Chase hits a jumper to tie it at 66 all.
  • 3.15 A Marcus Williams hook give the Cats their first lead in a very long time 68-66.
  • 2.23 Aaron Brookes continues his off-week with an airball. Chase grabs the rebound, throws a gorgeous outlet to Marcus Williams who gets a tough bucket and a foul. He misses the and-1 but steals the ball back to find Chase for a 3 to make it a five point posession.
  • 1.39 Malik Hairston responds with a three, 69-73, Cats.
  • 1.00 With a minute left Tajuan jacks up and misses another retardedly long 3 completely out of the sync of any offense. I love it.
  • :59 Aaron Brookes is now rocking a band-aid on his face á la Nelly. He connects on a purr of free throws to pull the Ducks to within two, 73-71.
  • 22.2 Tajuan buries a 3 from the corner to put the Ducks on top 74-73.
  • Ernie Kent is down for the count after being bull-dozed by a ref. He gets back up because he is as much a soldier as he is an unloyal husband.
  • Enter the takeover of the 'Where's P-Mac' anti-heroes.
  • 6.0 Ivan motherfucking Radenovic actually hits a tough shot to put the Cats up 75-74.
  • 2.9 Staf takes a charge on Aaron Brookes to get the ball back to the Cats.
  • Chase hits both attempts on a one and one.
  • The ball is inbounded to Tajuan who turns it over before he can jack up a shot. Game over. Cats win 77-74.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: I'm going to have to rely on my mind reading skills for today's NWMOTG. Today's moment is when Nic walked off the court and thought to himself, "Why the fuck am I even going to my classes," after not logging a minute in the second straight game. Nic you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if that means you have to start boycotting classes again to send a message to the team.

Sneaker Watch: The coaches wasted their opportunity and wore running shoes. Come on Coach Kent, you have a great shoe-customizer on your bench, don't let all that potential go to waste....Marcus Williams black/silver Air Jordan Retro V (below)...Nothing else too exciting, at least from what I could tell from my 20'' television.

Digger Phelps really isn't that cool

I really do not understand the allure of ESPN's College Gameday. It amazes me week in and week out that students will go to their stadium several hours in advance to cheer for ESPN analysts. This morning I woke up, immediately flicked on the tube to begin the dumbing down of my day and was greeted by five lame analysts with thousands of screaming Kentucky fans behind them. These fans were all going crazy a good 10 hours before the game even started.
This lead to ask myself a few questions: Do they stand in the arena for the entire 10+ hours waiting for the game? Do they realize they are cheering for analysts who are making millions of dollars off players who don't (legally) see a dime for their efforts? I love the NBA, a lot, but I would never dedicate any time of my life to cheer for ESPN's Tim Legler, Greg Anthony or Fred Carter. I wouldn't even cheer for EJ, The Jet, and Charles and they produce the best sports show on television period.
The fans bring out 10 million signs so their parents/friends at home can easily find them on TV. I really don't understand the fan who brought huge cardboard hands that kind-of formed the ROC and had a big UK on them. Also it was fantastic when Digger Phelps rewarded the Kentucky faithful by referring to them as the Florida student body. I understand it is No. 1 Florida coming into your house and it is the No. 1 vs. No. 2 SEC teams squaring off, but still 12+ hours in a stadium. Maybe it's just my ignorance from living in the Southwest all my life and not understanding the magnitude of sports south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Rant #2:
I have the utmost respect for hardcore fans, but I will never understand people who will go all out just to be on TV for a millisecond. One of the elements of sporting events that I absolutely hate are the people who will go from calm to crazy just because a camera is put in their face. I understand it would look weird on TV to show some mellowed out fans. However, if it's any more than 30 minutes before the game and any station throws a camera in my face, I'm sitting there chilling. I don't care how I look on TV for my one second of fame.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Not that I would buy them anyways

Here is the new commercial for the Air Jordan XX2. I watched it three times and I'm not sure I get everything about it. It's no where near as incredible as the Air Jordan XXI commercial, even the music was better in the XXI, but it still ain't that bad.

Also much respect to With Leather for this gem.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More tales from the crib

No. 24 Arizona in Oregon's version of Tucson, aka Corvallis, home of Oregon State University. We should have killed this team since, they are just ahead of the still-defeated ASU in the Pac-10 and they have lost their past six games. Unfortunately it was close throughout and we only beat the now 9-16 OSU squad by six. Here's a few brief notes.
  • 19:40 20 seconds into the game Staf gets his first turnover. It's a good thing I'm not a betting man because I would have taken the over on whether Staf could record a turnover in 30 seconds.
  • 19:14 Chase hits a jumper and the lame announcer says, "Chase with a long deuce." I don't know, maybe I'm just more immature than I think.
  • 17.:18 Marcus Williams gets a quick bucket off a Staf assist. I really can't say enough how smooth and effortless Williams' shots are.
  • 15:14 OSU's Wesley Washington rips Staf then gets an easy dunk.
  • 14:30 "Shakur makes a nifty little move in the air but was a little indecisive," the lame announcer says. If FSN wanted to save some money they could drop one announcer, put this clip on a soundboard and play it every time Staf has the ball.
  • 14:03 Marcel Jones give OSU its first lead, 11-9.
  • 12:58 Williams strokes a three to put the Cats back up, 14-11, and give Williams his seventh point of the night.
  • ????: FSN goes a long stretch of the game with clock and just the words "1st Half." Jawann misses a trey, Wililams grabs a tough board and beasts his way inside for a bucket and the foul. No good on the FT, but still 24-21, Cats.
  • ????: Angelo Tsagarakis hits a 3 to make it 26 all.
  • ????: Jawann gets a nice two-handed dunk to put the Cats up 28-30.
  • I start to get bored with the game so I watch it while surfing ol' web.
  • Not so quick on Borat 2.
  • I can't wait for this magazine.
  • With an 8-point run the Cats close out the first half on top, 36-28.
    • Sasa Cuic leads all scorers with 13, Williams is second with 11 points.
    • Staf has 0 points, 3 dimes, 3 steals, 3 turnovers.
  • 19:30 I shout ouf "Fuck you Staf!" after he misses a break-away two-handed dunk. He gets the eventual bucket but still I'm still counting down to the Jerryd Bayless era.
  • "A conscious n**** that'll mac like Steve Jobs" - The C-O-double-M-O-to-the-N. Just off "A Dream" and "Southside" I am so fucking excited for Finding Forever.
  • Fast forward through the Taye Diggs (I think) and Reggie Bush nonsense to start.

  • 18:30 Williams buries another long 3, 41-30 Cats.
  • 17.45 Radenovic''s (I just realized he technically has the Donte' Stallworth-thing thing on) inability to handle a ball in the paint leads to another turnover and an OSU fastbreak bucket.
  • 16:37 Cuic hits another 3, 43-37 Cats.
  • 15.15 Cuic with another 3 to bring OSU within 3, 45-42.
  • 14.40 josh Tarver ties it up with a 3 off a Cuic assist.
  • 14.20 Radenovic' hits a long 2 to put the Cats back up, 47-45.
  • 12.09 Jawann finds Jordan Hill underneath for a dunk, 52-49.
  • I wake up and it's 2:30 in the morning. Damn intramural basketball for knocking me out in the middle of a Cats game. I turn off the TV, hope the Cats won, rollover and go back to bed.
  • Cats won by six, 72-66. Here's the boxscore for those who care.
    • I actually have to give it up to Radenovic' for hitting 13-16 FT to make himself the second leading scorer, 19, behind Williams, 23.
    • Chase only had four points and we still won.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: Lute didn't even play Daniel Dillon, so Nic Wise didn't have a chance of getting in the game, which goes to show how much Zona sucks that we cannot blow out the second to worst team in the Pac-10. The Nic Wise Moment of the Game is tough when he logs a DNP, but he sure does make sitting on the bench look cool, I may give myself a DNP in my next intramural game to be just like him.

Sneaker Watch: Nothing really new, except that I finally figured out that Jawann has been rocking Nike Air Flight 89s, as seen below.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tyrus Thomas doesn't care about dunk contests

"I'm just going to go out there, get my check and call it a day."

"I'm just into the free money. That's it. I'll just do whatever when I get out there."

--2007 dunk contest participant Tyrus Thomas
The above quotes which confirmed my suspicion that Tyrus Thomas doesn't care about dunking came from here. The tragic part is that now the most Thomas can make is $6,125 for two minutes of work. It's another sad, sad day for the dunk contest. Judging from the press release it is no longer the "Rising stars" slam dunk contest meaning it's open to anyone. I know that Kobe, LeBron and Vince are all above the dunk contest, but did the NBA even ask J.R. Smith, Freddy Jones or Ricky Davis to participate. I'm sure these guys would rather be remembered for being a great dunker than, well, nothing. I understand Iguodala not wanting to be in after being jacked last year, but still there have to be more than four people who want to be in the dunk contest.
Yes, you should expect me to bitch about the dunk contest for the next 11 days.

They read over you

My second little feature in the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Granted Troy Harris doesn't play for the Globetrotters, but he's still a cool dude.

On a different note after wasting two minutes of my life with Tyrus Thomas' "highlight tape" off the dunk contest link from NBA.com, I have no expectations for Thomas. It looks like he barely enjoys dunking. On the other hand Gerald Green is quite serious. If Green doesn't win in a landslide the NBA mine as well go back to 2-ball.

I hate Nate Robinson and so should you

ASG dunk contest participants were announced today and 3/4 of them suck. Honestly the only one I'm excited to see is Gerald "The Shocker" Green. Anyone who throws down a tomahawk alley-oop when your team is up 12 with five seconds to go is Capo-status to me. Actually the dude's whole YouTube catalog is worth checking out. Amaré with the creativity of Steve Nash was barely entertaining, there is no way Dwight Howard will do anything exciting at all. I'm still pissed at Nate Robinson for robbing Andre Iguodala last year, so fuck him and any dunk he completes on his 15th attempt. I don't really know much about Tyrus Thomas, so he has the potential to surprise me, but I would think I would have seen him on at least one Sportscenter Top 10 this seaon. I miss the days when 10 guys would compete in the competition, hell I'd settle for six guys.

So far Nike has already been on point with its commercial game with the "Second coming." I can't even imagine the greatness of this video if Nike paid anybody outside of the DIP. Aye!

Also if you love Just Blaze that much it's a requisite to watch the following:

While I'm promoting over-promoted gear, here is another sick Nike video that I don't think has made its way to the States yet. I feel like I should know some of the people besides LBJ, KB24, Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney, and Roger Federer. Major points go anyone who knows the names of the Kenyans.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cats win/Ted Turner doesn't play around

Yeah the Cats won, they beat Washington (both teams entered the game 14-7) a team that barely edged out ASU, who is still 0-11 in Pac-10 play. Chase made a few 3's, Jawann's shot was falling, Jordan Hill killed a few people, everything was looking good for the Cats who beat the Huskies by 30, 84-54. Jordan Hill had a career high 16 points to go with 8 boards in his second career start. Quincy Pondexter wore black/3m silver Jordan V's. There is your micro-recap.

Not many things matter in my life right now because the NBA All-Star game is two weeks away. Not only the game, but All-Star weekend, which may be the greatest thing on Earth, period. Excessive everything: shoes, hoes, money, dunk contests, anything that is remotely baller is done up to the nth degree on All-Star weekend. I would give 40 years of my life up just to be an NBA all-star in Vegas for 24 hours. I can't even fathom what will go on behind the scenes.

Ted Turner and Co. really went all out this year getting Gap model Jeremy Piven to do some promos for the event. Although something I've always wondered is how come when a hi-def image is frozen it loses its hi-def quality. I never understood why you can't take a good frame from a hi-def video and have a nice still picture. Anyways back to the commercials
Jeremy Piven and VC

Jeremy Piven and D. Wade

Elvis NBA highlight reel

Finally a ridiculously dope commercial with the Blue Man Group.

I know there will be 82,394,328 blogs blogging away about the ASG, but 'Where's P-Mac' needed its fair share. I love this game.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mucho Baloncesto

Intramural ball, Washington State at Arizona, Cleveland at Miami, Oregon at UCLA, San Antonio at Phoenix. That's a hell of a lot of basketball, here's the recaps.

Arizona vs. Washington State
There's no 'Where's P-Mac' of tonight's Arizona versus Washington State game. I decided to take a break from Zona ball after dedicating over nine hours to the UNC massacre. Actually, I would have gone to tonight's game if intramural basketball wasn't scheduled for the same time. Turns out I didn't miss much. Just new career lows for the Lute Olson era of Arizona basketball. This makes two consecutive years of fucked up basketball for UA, coincidentally the first two years I've been at UA. At least last year we could put the blame on Chris Rodgers' insanity and Hassan Adams' DUI completely killing the team chemistry. This year was supposed to be much different. Everybody loved each other, no one was afraid to take a shot. Chase was supposed to return UA to being a threat from beyond the arc. Staf was going to finally get his degree from Point Guard U. Where did it all go wrong. Every one's here and healthy, except for Kirk Walters who would have helped but not made that big a difference. Bret Brielmaier missed a few games and his presence was missed inside, but it still isn't enough to explain the current skid. Since the 12-game winning streak was broken in Pullman, UA has lost six of its past eight games. Arizona has dropped to 14-7 and 5-5 in Pac-10 play. I just prey Jerryd Bayless can Carmelo his way to a championship so I can flip over a few cars while rioting on Fourth Avenue.

Fortunately my superficial heart will love the Cats as long as they maintain the best kicks in the Pac-10. Honestly, after playing every team in the Pac-10 I can say we have the most legit collection. Tonight at least we went out in style with Staf and Marcus both bringing out fresh pairs of Jordan Retro Vs, fire-reds and flint greys, respectively. All photographers (UA SID, AZ Daily Star, Cisco, Daily Wildcat) please step your game up and get some full body pics so I can post some pics here. I'm still trying to figure out what Jawann has been wearing and if anybody has any clue please let me know. Thanks to the Arizona Daily Star for the pic.

**Update ESPN.com came through with these pics

I only got to see the second half of the game so I missed Nic Wise's five minutes in the first half and according to the box score his only stat was a missed 3-pointer. I'm sure it was a real gangsta miss though.

Final 66-72

Cleveland vs. Miami
I only caught the final few seconds of this game because it was on the same time as the Cats game. LeBron choked on a few free-throws, accidentally clotheslined Dwayne Wade, got a lucky bounce on a 3, missed the chance to tie the game and lost 89-92.

Oregon vs. UCLA
I didn't see much of this game because dinner got in the way and it was on the same time as the Suns' game. Oregon lost 57-69. Props to Adrian Stelly on another great DNP.

San Antonio vs. Phoenix
I only watched parts of this game for one reason or another. Even though I have to root against him, Manu Ginobli is one of the coolest dudes in the league. I love watching this dude play, even if he knees Amaré in the balls. Suns ended up winning their 18th first game in a row. Fuck KG. TNT's analysis is best sports analysis on television. Easily the most entertaining as well, I can't wait for the Dick Bavetta vs. Charles Barkely showdown at all-star weekend.