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Thursday, March 27, 2008

In due time

Soon enough I'll update this blog, but most my work has been going into GOAZCATSBLOG, while my search for P-Mac progresses.

I've posted 10 times for my other blog since my last post here. Check them all out here.

Be sure to read about Brandon Jennings' new ink here.

Also check my blog about Lute Olson's summer camp here.

Oh and the above picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but AI's face is priceless.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Recently a reader from France named Fab informed us that Paul McPherson was playing in his own backyard on the French team Hyères-Toulon. While we now know where Paul McPherson is, the blog will not be complete until I personally interview him.

In the mean time I decided to have a little Q&A with the French P-Mac fan Fab. It's not the best Q&A ever because of the language barrier and some answers were slightly edited to improve their English fluidity.

WPM: How long have you been a basketball fan?

Fab: A very long time.

W: What got you into basketball?

F: I've started to play basketball in 1988.

W: Do you watch the NBA often?

F: Yes, I watch NBA on my TV. But, the games are so late that it's very tough.

W: Who is your favorite NBA player now/of all time?

F: My favorite player is Kobe Bryant but Michael Jordan was the best...

W: What division is Hyères-Toulon in?

F: Hyères-Toulon (HTV) plays in the first division of French league (ProA). It's a good team with good players.

W: Who is your favorite player on Hyères-Toulon and why?

F: My favorite player is Sean Colson. He played with the Houston Rockets and he's the best point guard of the championship. He is a good friend of Paul Mcpherson.
W: Are their games on television?

F: Yeah, on French tv (Sport+). During the competition "Semaine des As", there were a lot of NBA scouts and television stations from all over Europe covering the game. There is a young player named Alexix Ajinca who should play in the NBA next season.

W: I read that Paul McPherson joined the team in December, how effective has he been on the team?

F: He's a good player, but he plays bad. Last week, he scored 21 points. I hope that he could play good to the end of the season.

W: How much playing time does he get?

F: He plays 20 minutes during a game.

W: Has he had any amazing plays for the team?

F: No, he plays slowly. It's crazy because before games, he always shows off with very big dunks.

W: Are there any good Paul McPherson quotes from local media or any good McPherson stories.
Are there any other great, possibly former NBA players in the league?

F: Not really. He has two nicknames in the media. "The Body" and "Godzilla."
Additionally, Bruce Bowen, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Mike Pietrus, Johan Petro and Udonis Haslem played in the French league.

Finally here are some dope pics Fab sent me:
Paul 1, Paul 2, Paul 3, Paul 4, Paul 5, Paul 6, Paul 7, Paul 8, Paul 9, Paul 10.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Reasonable Doubt

I assured you in my last post that Where's P-Mac would never forget its roots, but some see my increased posting on GOAZCATSBLOG.com as a sign that I have given up the quest to find P-Mac.

Here is an e-mail from my friend/long-time reader/first-time caller Gould aka G-Money aka Gouldfinger aka Gouldini doubting my efforts to find Paul McPherson (for the record the e-mail was sent to another one of my friends and then forwarded to me):

All good things must come to an end. The Suns seem to be on the downside of their "great" run the past 4 years. Brett Favre retired. And now a true great explorer has also thrown in the towel on what could have been one of the greatest discoveries ever made by man. This explorer/historian must be considered amongst the greats of his field, Chris Columbus, Jacque Custo, Lewis and Clark, Indiana Jones....Justin Adler.

If you haven't (I'm sure you have) already checked out his new stuff on azcatsblog (or something like that) you should. Still classic. Not the same but still classic. Despite stating otherwise I fear this might be the beggining of the end of the ever important search for Paul McPherson.

McPherson's finding would easily have ranked amongst the greatest discoveries. Indiana finding Jesus' cup of eternal life, Columbus finding the free world Lewis and Clark (I think) mapped out a lot of the western USA and of course how could we forget the importance of Mr. Custo who...come to think of it I have no idea what Jacque Custo did, maybe something on boats, but that really doesn't matter as its overwhelmingly obvious that finding a gemstone as rare as Paul McPherson would have elevated Mr. Adler to the Mount Rushmore of explorers.

I take my 40 oz. and pour a lil out for my dead homie, that being the dream of Mr. Adler and Mr. McPherson meeting face to face, and I now take a large sip and wonder what the future holds for Where's P-mac...

Monday, March 03, 2008


Available for immediate release:

TUCSON, Ariz. — Wherespmac.com has officially sold all University of Arizona-related blogs to GOAZCATSBLOG.com. Where's Paul McPherson will still update occasionally with random posts honoring silly rappers, washed-up athletes and other WPM-approved items.

WPM's primary mission will not change, as we are still very much in the hunt for Paul McPherson and anybody with any contact information is encouraged to contact Justin Adler. In other words, Fab holla back at me.

-End release-

OK, basically a while ago, I bad-mouthed the shit out of GOAZCATS.com and not everything I said was accurate to put it nicely in my favor. After ranting about GOAZCATS.com, the site's president, Jim Storey e-mailed me. Long story short, I was offered a job as their chief blogger. If I had known job opportunities were as simple as talking shit about someone, I probably would have disrespected Google or Nike.

Regardless I am definitely happy to be blogging for GOAZCATS.com as I will be gaining more readers and earning a couple of bucks never hurts either. Plus I have a lot more access and we have a lot of big ideas already planned for the new blog.

Check it all out as I have invested a lot of time in writing for their/my site and I consider it to me some of my finest work to date. GOAZCATSBLOG.com

For those of you who have been loyal Where's P-Mac fans over the year and a half I appreciate all the support and your time. I will try to update the site at least once a week, but I will definitely be blogging a couple times a week for GOAZCATSBLOG.com, so please add that to your favorites.

Also for those of you who are just craving more Justin Adler writing you can read my throw-away blog (probably a sign I have too many blogs) for my journalism class here. Again don't expect much from it as it gets no more than 20 minutes a week of work.