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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My favorite things

A lot of people haven't asked what my favorite thing about Buenos Aires is. Well here would be my answer...

Is it being able to buy 24 ounces of quality steak for under $3 USD?

Is it being able to walk out on my patio and see the gorgeous view (pictured above) every night?

Is it paying just over $300 USD for a nice place in the middle of Palermo, where I can walk to hundreds of swank restaurants and bars?

Is it being able to go out to those nice restaurants and have a three course meal and a couple of drinks for $25 USD?

Is it being able to go to the clubs every night and know that hot Argentine girls are just one ecstasy pill away? (Note: I don't club that often and I've never done ecstasy, but that's a popular option for a lot of Porteños)

Is it meeting a million South Americans and learning about a new culture?

Is it watching an incredible tango shows at 2:00 in the morning?

Is it all the other stuff I have blogged about for the past month?

No, the greatest thing about Buenos Aires is that I can watch "House" five nights a week on the Universal channel. Not only do I get to enjoy the sheer insanity that every episode of "House" provides, such as in tonight's episode when Dr. House slid a cadaver out of the morgue then pulled a gun out of his coat and shot the cadaver in the head. But it's always broadcast with Spanish subtitles so I can learn the Spanish names for all 100 of the one-in-a-million diseases that are mentioned in every show.

So let's just say that on my subte ride to school I meet someone that has recently gone blind, had a heart transplant from somebody who had Erythropoietic protoporphyria and then begins bleeding from his eyes and ears, while his left leg goes numb. I could calmly say, "Este es un latum de diphyllobothrium que esta causando haemochormatosis," press play on my Zune and carry on with my day.


swjaniga@yahoo.com said...

i just want you to know that i made your patio view my new background. i hope one day to be staring at my desktop, with you staring at the sky, and we will have a moment. just gotta get the time zone thing down.

Justin Adler said...


I don't know if you listen to KEZ 99.9 as much as I do and I don't know if you love local Tucson musicians like I do.

But I believe this Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram song perfectly describes our situation.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin Von Trapp,

Best of luck escaping the Nazi's in these perilous war times.