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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brandon Jennings and such

Because I feel some odd moral obligation to reblog everything Brandon Jennings. Here is his new Under Armor commercial, which even I will admit is incredibly retarded. I don't get the odd, fake-dunk sequences nor do I like the cheesy rap music that randomly begins playing.

I got this picture e-mailed to me from wherespmac-reader Brian. It's now my favorite picture of all time. Brandon to photographer: "Make it look as if I am talking to God, but at the same time make it understood that I am more important than God."

Props to Nathanial Butler/Getty/NBAE for the pic.

In college I never really understood the role of teacher's assistants. I still really have no clue what they did. But I do know that my friend Tyler and I would have never had "Summer Heights High" years before it aired in America if it weren't for one of Tyler's pseudo-teachers telling him about the show during my junior year.

Furthermore I would have never known about Diggable Planets collaborating with Tide laundry detergent to make this commercial if it were not for my former TA linking to the advertisement on Facebook.

And just to prove that I will buy anything rappers sell, I bought the coldwater detergent. And because it was on sale at Target.


rakeback said...

Jennings has been dominant so far for the Bucks. As a lifelong Bucks fan, I really hope that they trade Michael Redd and make Jennings the permanent point guard.