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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maine Rocks

Today I arrived in Maine. Within an hour of being here I sent the boss from my restaurant an e-mail of resignation.

Liberated, I headed out on a bike ride to see some Fall leaves and pretty coves. On my journey I saw this kid, Robert, throwing rocks at a buoy. I decided to join the fun, but I also kept my helmet on because throwing rocks can be dangerous.

Robert and I each hit the buoy (which was a good 25 feet away) once out of hundreds of throws. It was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

The top two photos were shot by Robert's mother. The bottom photo was all me.


Michael McKisson said...

I'm not sure you need much more than rock throwing and bike rides in life.

Congrats on your liberation.

p-p-p-pumkin_face said...

hey i wanted to leave a comment in 2 weeks, is this the proper way to notify you?

Seth Janiga said...

this post ROCKS more than lady gaga.

Anonymous said...

Just don't take your trip for GRANITE!!!!!

ATarnowski said...

I guess you could say this vacation's got a full SLATE.

Anonymous said...

flight ref?