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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

FC Barca

I made an effort to get into FC Barca football/soccer in the spring, then I stopped caring shortly thereafter. But I wasn't leaving Barcelona without going to a game so Sarah and I went to a not-so-heated match between FC Barca and Celta de Vigo (a team who had not won in Camp Nou in the past 40 years).

Barca won 3-1. Honestly our seats were so high that we couldn't tell any players apart when they were on the far end of the field, so it really didn't matter that it was Jordi Alba putting the ball in the net instead of Messi.

Sarah and I pretended to really understand the game while were more intrigued by the silly teenagers sitting next to us who were super-chalantly looking every which way for security guards as they smoked throughout the entire game.

Sarah was enthralled the whole game.

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