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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tales from the crib Vol. 2 UA vs. Memphis

This is what I would consider a blog b-side. I took notes from the UA versus Memphis Dec. 20 game and due to injury and apathy did nothing with them until more than a week later. Here you have the first -and hopefully last - Where's P-Mac b-side, feel free to treat it like any b-side compilation, run through it quickly than wait until real quality work comes out.
  • 19:00 Marcus Williams is everywhere with a quick lay-up, a block, and an outlet assist to Mustafa Shakur for a break-away dunk to put the Cats up early 4-0.
  • 14:00 6-12 Memphis is leading largely in part to UA being unable to get a rebound.
  • 13:05 Shakur triple pumps to make a lay-up 10 times more difficult than it needed to be. Luckily, the ball finds its way in.
  • 12:51 On the next possession Shakur puts up an even more ridiculous lay-up, this time missing the shot and a bail-out call.
  • 9:55 Shakur buries a long trey to pull the Cats within three, 19-22.
  • 8:00 Nic Wise checks in and a TV time-out is taken to allow everyone in the building to prepare for something epic.
  • 7:06 Memphis' Willie Kemp hits a three to put Memphis up 20-27.
  • The announcers tell a story about Chase Budinger being asked for an autograph in the mall by a little kid. According to the story Budinger says he'll only give his autograph if the kid gets David Bagga's (who Budinger was with at the time) autograph as well. I think about how ever if I ever had the chance I would snub the future NBA star Budinger and only ask for Bagga's autograph. Oddly enough I happen to run into the aforementioned tandem the morning after the game. I decide that I'm 20 years old and asking for Bagga's autograph and snubbing somebody who is a year younger and much more famous than me really is not funny at all.
  • 2:57 Jawann McClellen hits a long jump-shot to tighten the game up 31-33. McClellen then goes crazy like only McClellen can. It's really beautiful to see someone play with that much passion.
  • 2:37 Memphis' Andre Allen responds with a three to put the Tigers up five.
  • Memphis leads 33-38 at the half, Shakur leads UA with 13 points and Budinger only has three points, his normal numbers for the first minute of the game. Andre Allen and Willie Kemp lead Memphis with 11 a piece. I thought Memphis was killing UA on the boards but apparently Memphis only had five more first-half boards than UA.
  • Within two minutes of the second half the Cats tie it up at 38.
  • 17:00 UA takes the lead 43-42, their first lead since it was 4-2.
  • BJ ARMSTRONG is in the crowd. I'm assuming he is a scout for some team, it's just great he is at McKale. (I tried to learn about him on wikipedia, and his page is the first wikipedia entry I've ever seen that is badly messed up)
  • 11:19 Memphis' Jeremy Hunt hits a nice tear-drop floater. Can Stephon Marbury please make Memphis the first college sponsored by his high-quality kicks. I love the way the intro to the site says, "Get down with the movement and vote Starbury into the NBA All-Star game." In terms of movements, I would rank this right below the Civil Rights Movement and just above the Dipset Movement.
  • The announcer goes an entire game without making any cats versus cats references, I surely appreciate it.
  • The Wilcats won their ninth straight 79-71.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: This is mainly the reason this blog didn't get made until a week later. I was mad depressed. Nic Wise did nothing noteworthy in the game - at least not from watching it from home. Perhaps at the game he did something too gully for TV. I just hope Nic does the Michael Jordan move - follow a 12 point game with a 50 point performance - and he does something incredibly gangsta in his next game against Cal.

Sneaker Watch: Still nothing new on the UA front...All of Memphis rocked the royal blue Adidas Pro Model S, not quite as tight as when the Pro Models were out in faux snake skin, but still respectable.


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