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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The return Pt. 503

Props to my little brother Scottie for MS Painting the pic of AI

Guess who's bizzack...Making a return from one of my many unpredictable and often for no good reason weeks of hiatus. I guess having people anxious to read Where's P-Mac is the gift and the curse as it forces me to write. It started as a little way to practice my writing with the ambition of being a sports writer behind it, now that that dream has been all but scratched and this blog is really just another way to procrastinate and share interesting articles.

That explains why the site hasn't updated since I have no schoolwork to put off. Without schoolwork I just put off blogging just to keep my procrastination addiction strong.

Anyways I'm stuck in Tucson for the second winter straight due to work and I'm finally starting to like the town after three years of living here. I'm pretty sure living in two blocks away from 4th Avenue adds a little ethos to the wanna-be-hippy side of me. That and if I keep complaining that Kierland represents the gentrification of Scottsdale I shouldn't be upset with the slowed-down style of Tucson...Let's get to some links...

"I never played a game sober, unfortunately" --This would be cool if Keon Clark was still in college, but alcoholism like Keon Clark's isn't that funny. Imagine his game without the bottle.

Funny addiction of the week goes to Caron Butler and his extreme love for Mountain Dew.

"Before every game at Connecticut, I drank a two-liter of Mountain Dew. I'm dead serious. Ask my wife what she would have to go get me before a game. I'd be like, 'Hey, stop by the 7-11, bring me a two-liter.'...Y'all think this is just a game; it's dead serious," he said. "I've got six refrigerators in the house. I used to have Mountain Dews filled in all of them. I don't have A Mountain Dew in my refrigerator no more. It's crazy, man. "
If you're interested in Canadian co-op brothels for the Olympics, you should listen to this.

Fuck, I still want a "Free Mike Vick" shirt.

Everyone needs to go out and buy Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool." Just an incredible album.

Brilliant headline...Props to the guy back in the day who just wanted Britney's little sister and went out and got it.

If you are tired of my lack of blogging read Roman's Empire for quality sports writing that updates almost daily. Really, really good shit over there, especially if you like UA hoops and the Lakers, or if you just miss his columns in the Daily Wildcat.