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Monday, December 31, 2007

Quick hits

So many different things make this play trill...1. Darrell Reid points to the #21 on the back of his helmet right after the hit. 2. He murders former Wildcat Chris Henry, who once called all Tucson sports writers "fucking idiots." 3. The replay at the 37-second mark. 4. I just hate Chris Henry.

Speaking of the #21, props to my friend Gould aka Gouldini for coming up with the greatest idea of all time in buying a Sean Taylor Fathead. The only downside, Fathead does not make Sean Taylor posters. Haters.

Sticking with the 'Skins, Clinton Portis may be the best dresser in the NFL.

The only thing touching this might be Takeo Spikes' Chinchilla hat (props to 700 level).

More things that are awesome
The Blaze winning 13 straight.

"During halftime of the Jets’ previous two home games hundreds of men on one of the Gate D ramps chanted at the few women in the crowd to bare their breasts. If they did not comply, the men threw plastic beer bottles at them (NYT)."

Only awesome in the true definition of the word, but worth reading for the sheer disturbing factor. Iraqi street cleaners.

The 40/40 opening in Vegas (click pics to enlarge).

Finally, vote CB4.