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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Reasonable Doubt

I assured you in my last post that Where's P-Mac would never forget its roots, but some see my increased posting on GOAZCATSBLOG.com as a sign that I have given up the quest to find P-Mac.

Here is an e-mail from my friend/long-time reader/first-time caller Gould aka G-Money aka Gouldfinger aka Gouldini doubting my efforts to find Paul McPherson (for the record the e-mail was sent to another one of my friends and then forwarded to me):

All good things must come to an end. The Suns seem to be on the downside of their "great" run the past 4 years. Brett Favre retired. And now a true great explorer has also thrown in the towel on what could have been one of the greatest discoveries ever made by man. This explorer/historian must be considered amongst the greats of his field, Chris Columbus, Jacque Custo, Lewis and Clark, Indiana Jones....Justin Adler.

If you haven't (I'm sure you have) already checked out his new stuff on azcatsblog (or something like that) you should. Still classic. Not the same but still classic. Despite stating otherwise I fear this might be the beggining of the end of the ever important search for Paul McPherson.

McPherson's finding would easily have ranked amongst the greatest discoveries. Indiana finding Jesus' cup of eternal life, Columbus finding the free world Lewis and Clark (I think) mapped out a lot of the western USA and of course how could we forget the importance of Mr. Custo who...come to think of it I have no idea what Jacque Custo did, maybe something on boats, but that really doesn't matter as its overwhelmingly obvious that finding a gemstone as rare as Paul McPherson would have elevated Mr. Adler to the Mount Rushmore of explorers.

I take my 40 oz. and pour a lil out for my dead homie, that being the dream of Mr. Adler and Mr. McPherson meeting face to face, and I now take a large sip and wonder what the future holds for Where's P-mac...


Jt said...

Now, I know Uncle J-Dogg better than that, nothing, I repeat NOTHING will prevent him from his goal of meeting PMac. AZCATSBLOG will not stop him, although his work there is still great. Respect for this, and I pray I will one day read that post, revealing PMac to us all.