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Monday, March 03, 2008


Available for immediate release:

TUCSON, Ariz. — Wherespmac.com has officially sold all University of Arizona-related blogs to GOAZCATSBLOG.com. Where's Paul McPherson will still update occasionally with random posts honoring silly rappers, washed-up athletes and other WPM-approved items.

WPM's primary mission will not change, as we are still very much in the hunt for Paul McPherson and anybody with any contact information is encouraged to contact Justin Adler. In other words, Fab holla back at me.

-End release-

OK, basically a while ago, I bad-mouthed the shit out of GOAZCATS.com and not everything I said was accurate to put it nicely in my favor. After ranting about GOAZCATS.com, the site's president, Jim Storey e-mailed me. Long story short, I was offered a job as their chief blogger. If I had known job opportunities were as simple as talking shit about someone, I probably would have disrespected Google or Nike.

Regardless I am definitely happy to be blogging for GOAZCATS.com as I will be gaining more readers and earning a couple of bucks never hurts either. Plus I have a lot more access and we have a lot of big ideas already planned for the new blog.

Check it all out as I have invested a lot of time in writing for their/my site and I consider it to me some of my finest work to date. GOAZCATSBLOG.com

For those of you who have been loyal Where's P-Mac fans over the year and a half I appreciate all the support and your time. I will try to update the site at least once a week, but I will definitely be blogging a couple times a week for GOAZCATSBLOG.com, so please add that to your favorites.

Also for those of you who are just craving more Justin Adler writing you can read my throw-away blog (probably a sign I have too many blogs) for my journalism class here. Again don't expect much from it as it gets no more than 20 minutes a week of work.


ATarnowski said...

don't forget to mention all the "interviewing" that goes into greener than shrek

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