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Saturday, April 18, 2009

How real is this?

The other day I stumbled upon the NBA Store, which was the most amazing store I had ever been in. It had every version of every NBA jersey and 9 million other NBA-related things you would never need. Seeing as how my fedi is not quite on the injured list, but has been playing hurt all season, I could not afford much, but I was able to cop the greatness you see above.

I bought it off the NBA discounted photos rack. The only other photo worth buying was of Stromile Swift in a Nets uni. Even though Swift has never done anything to warrant having any fans, I've been a fan of his since he was drafted in 2000. Mainly because his nickname is the Stro Show. But I also love him because his this season his mom passed away and Stro became too depressed to play basketball. He even told Nets coach Lawrence Frank he was considering retiring at the age of 29, which is equal parts sad and hilarious. 

However each Stro Show shot was still listed at $10, because the NBA store assumes there are other Stro Show fans out there besides me, fans who can afford to drop 10 bones on a reserve's reserve who has been too depressed to play this season.

Either way I came out on top with a dope Greg Oden 8x10 officially licensed high gloss photo for 99 cents.

On a quasi related note, if you like basketball and blogs but don't read the Blazer's Edge I don't know what the fuck you are doing with your life (c) Katt Williams. BE has been in full throttle recently posting several times a day with the most hardcore Blaze love you will ever see.

Such as what you see here:
This is just a personal note, maybe not fit to be with all of the other notes and news right below, but I've got to say it anyway...

Tomorrow is the playoffs and I am PUMPED!  Amped. Geeked.  Whatever you want to call it there's electricty running through everything today.  Gavin Dawson suggested this morning that we could maybe fill an hour in studio during the series.  If somebody stuck a microphone in front of my face right this minute I could probably fill the next 16 hours of programming without taking a breath.  Blazers...playoffs...OHHHH yeah! 

Obviously this place is going to be HOPPING tomorrow.  I have been thinking about the rest of the series preview all day...for the last few days really.  I'm doing everything I can to spend time with my family instead of writing it right NOW!  Be sure and join us for all of the fun.  Things should start rolling in around midnight tonight and it'll just keep going from there.

I counted up the game threads we split the final game of the season into.  I think we ended the day with, what?  Well over 5000 comments?  Think that'll happen tomorrow?

I hope you're all as excited as I am.  Needless to say, if you're wearing anyting but black, red, and white TAKE IT OFF.  This is the PLAYOFFS.  These are the BLAZERS.  This...is...IT!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the experience.  I intend to milk it for every single second.


Anonymous said...

so this what passes for a post these days?


oh, how the (kinda) mighty have fallen

AB said...

Great Post

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you doing posting aaron brooks?