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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Like this here reminds me of Gilligan's Island

The above is a picture of some RC sailboats in Central Park. Really the only reason I am running the picture is because it allows me to put the silly Juelz Santana line at the top of the post, even if the two barely correlate. But really the only reason I do anything in life is so I can bring up a random Juelz line.

-- There's something special about taking a busy subway to Grand Central and then looking at a bunch of BMWs I could not afford if I multiplied my life savings by 20.

For better pictures, click here.

-- Even though I once loved F-Minus, then hated F-Minus and now feel fairly ambivalent toward it, this is a funny idea.

-- Every magazine/video game has its curse where the player gets injured/indicted shortly after his cover. But SLAM took the curse game to a whole new level, when they unleashed their "Future Shock" cover last Friday with one of Italy's most popular ballers on the cover. Then three days later a shock which measured 6.3 killed 90 people. Nice job SLAM.

-- And the award for longest, most expensive unsuccessful way to commit suicide goes to this guy.

-- And the award for best comment on the most recent WPM post goes to ATarnowski for "that wasn't a bum, it was DMX."

-- I can now add two more exciting dates to my jam-packed calendar.

April 21: The Roots Concert

May 4: Cam'rom with Funk Flex in the Crime Pays debut concert

-- What are the only albums and television shows I have been enjoying recently? I can best answer that question with NYC street ads.


marcos said...

vi solamente el primer capitulo de breaking bad y luego no la dieron mas. Realmente muy buena serie!

El Maquina que hace "beats" said...

I sometimes sit in class asking myself, I wonder what my good friend Justin is doing at this moment. I usually take an educated guess and assume you're taking pictures of cars and buying concert tickets and I get by.

Anonymous said...

those pictures WERE a lot better, thanks.

- Ansel Adams