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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Z-Bo, Ichiro and the world between

The bad news: I got fired from my job. This is actually good news because it was a terrible restaurant job and I needed to leave the place. It was also a hilarious firing because I was fired by my boss who was completely inebriated at the time. By completely inebriated I mean he had been downing tequila shots all day and was literally tripping over himself and falling over by 6:00. He also gave a fellow employee and I a nonsensical speech on the benefits of socialism.

Then at 6:45 he called me over and in the middle of the restaurant told me I was fired. I asked why and he told me it was not working out. I asked what was not working out and he said to just go home. Of course I wanted to tell him to fuck off, but I resisted because I need a check they owe me and because I was pretty happy to be able to go home and watch the LeBron game, which ended up being rather entertaining.

The boss who fired me was fired later that night and I doubt he even remembers firing me, but I have no interest in returning to the restaurant since it was a complete mess in the first place.

The good news: I have been working on my vertical and I can now touch the rim. I also don't have a job, which I suppose will give me more time to blog.

Other items of interest:

Brandon Jennings' Twitter: Outside of the Los Angeles area, few have hyped Brandon Jennings for as long as I have. I was even spreading the word of Young Money to my friends in Bahia Blanca. And this is why I will continue to be a fan, via his Twitter:
"Most Important thing about the Draft/NBA, Get on a TEAM that fits your game and kill those 3yrs and GET THAT Big 2nd contract! O yea and WIN"
Also after living in Italy for a year, I imagine that Brandon's draft-day suit will be beyond the comprehension level of most humans.

Speaking of the draft if anybody else wants to join me in attending the June 25 draft let me know. I think it requires sleeping outside the Garden on the night before, a sacrifice I am prepared to make.

Kenyon Martin calling Mark Cuban a "faggot motherfucker" is now kinda old, but still worth posting and one of the many reasons I am rooting for the Nuggets.

Also the "Kobe Doin' Work" documentary turned from a Kobe lover to hater. That documentary was so bad that I felt compelled to leave a note to Spike as I stumbled upon his 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks headquarters when I was roaming around Fort Greene. My note read, "Kobe Doin' Work was the worst documentary I have ever seen. Come on Spike you're better than that."

Also this incredible advertisement was spotted in Fort Greene. Chauncey sure does love the juice!
Manu Ginobili's Facebook statuses are also a constant source of amusement: Over the past week his updates have reflected an ongoing mini-put battle with Fabricio Oberto (or just Fabri if you're down).

Hoy me desquité de Fabri, lo mío fue arrollador, así que los playoffs están 1a1. Que se agarre Tiger! Buenísima la foto! //// Great comeback at minigolf today, I tied the series, now 1-1. Great picture with Mr. Oberto.
Para los que no lo ven, Fabri esta tocando la guitarra con el putter y yo ... bueno, creo que se entiende.

Even better his in-bed photography with his boo of the day. I really wish every NBA player would post the 6 AM groupie-bang shot.

Qué hago despierto a las 6am no ! Pero les mando una fotito mía con la bella durmiente... La despertó el flash, pero ya se durmió de nuevo. //// What the heck am I doing awake at 6am I don't know. Here's a picture of my sleeping beauty. (she didn't enjoy the little flash from the phone!).
It should also be noted that 154 people have used the Facebook feature to 'like' this.

Something deep I realized this week: Badger, the shitty meth dealer in Breaking Bad, is the same obnoxious guy from those shitty Chris Paul Right Guard commercials .

Again if you don't watch Breaking Bad you're a fucking idiot.

I was waiting to check out at Target the other day when I saw that the cashier had a tattoo of a cross on her bicep that read "R.I.P. Andre" with some corresponding dates beneath it. I was third in line and I thought for a 90 seconds of how I could say, "I'm so sorry about Andre" in the most genuine, sincere way possible. I was really curious what her reaction would be. But I decided against offering my belated condolences to her at the last second. Maybe next time.

I was awaken from a nightmare yesterday morning by a car blaring Hov's "Jigga my n*gga." I can't think of a better start to any morning then hearing "BROOKLYNNNNN be the place where I serve them thangs."

Speaking of "Jigga my n*gga," since that song came out in 1999 I have said "Lights out n*ggas" under my breath every time the teacher asked me to turn the lights off in class.

I saw a guy rocking a Zack Randolph jersey, which is awesome for several reasons: Z-Bo's fat contract, his destruction of any team chemistry, the fact that he displayed Larry Hoover poster when he was on MTV Cribs or my favorite the fact that Z-Bo was accused of forcing anal sex with a passed out stripper.

This was the coolest jersey I saw on the streets until I saw a flaming homosexual man wearing an authentic Ichiro jersey.

One day I am going to write an article on people who make mixtape covers, because so many are so inspirational.

Just in case you were curious where I lived and if I could show you on a picture from 1939. I live in by the red dot now and come June 1 I am moving to the blue dot. And now you know.

The two years Chris Andersen was not in the league were the worst two years of my life.

Finally read all of Shiffy's blogs Bogus and Mustacheme. They are entertaining and some times they have stupid hot chicks.


Tyler said...

It's a Shame about the Job, But amazing about the vertical. I thinking you hit up B Jennings and Ask him to sit at the table with him. The Least he can do is say yes.

Marcos said...

Que grande Manu!
Saludos Justin!