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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pray IV Rain

So yeah, maybe my most recent post wasn't my best work. It's tough put out decent posts when I sit around far too much wanting the world to end in a cool 2012 kind of way*. I figure a good Apocalypse would solve a lot of my problems, which really aren't even that big of problems by any means.

I don't have any terminal illness, the weather has been nice and I don't live in the nearby housing projects. I suppose I really can't complain. But it's still tough not having any conceivable cause to wake up in the morning.

At least I have Phoenix's finest, Willy Northpole's Twitter to enlighten me with tweets such as:

FOR SOME REASON WEN I BUST i want to chick to leave even if im in her house....lol
31 minutes ago from web

ILL CHAT WIT A STRIPPER that has normal convo but the ones that flirt too hard can kill themselves..
about 23 hours ago from web

Also this video of Pacman Jones, Jermaine Dupri and Nelly in da club from the Las Vegas NBA All-Star weekend might be the greatest thing ever. Props to the dude doing the no-look-over-the-shoulder-make-it-rain-move. Very impressive.

Today while on my never-ending quest to find any sort of employment I stumbled upon the store selling the Steve McNair probowl jersey. This time I felt the motivation to walk in and I learned they had seven! authentic McNair probowl jerseys. Do I think that the inappropriate WPM commenter/McNair-killer Sahel Kazemi's father owns the Brooklyn sporting goods shop and wanted to increase the value of his McNair probowl jersey caché so he had his daughter kill McNair and then kill herself as to not make his NFL jersey business boom look cheesy which could have potentially hurt his sales? Absolutely.

Was that the longest run-on sentence ever? Absolutely.

Finally since no WPM post is complete with out a token Brandon Jennings note. I think we should all get behind the Milwaukee Bucks' marketing department's plan to put Jennings on the 10-dollar bill instead of Alexander Hamilton, who was never even friends with Joe Budden.

Some questions: Also why was Jennings not given proper credit for claiming he's better than Rubio and every American is better than Rubio, who was too scared to play in the NBA (OK he just really hates Minnesota)? Is Brandon Jennings the most patriotic person ever? Is it too early to rename the fourth of July "Brandon Jennings Day?" Should we cut the 50 stars on the flag down to 3 (this was Tarny's idea)?

*I would also be cool with aliens taking over the world if it means I don't have to worry about getting a job and working for the rest of my life.


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