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Monday, July 20, 2009

Qs and Z-Bos and lists

A few nights ago I remember spending that period of semi-consciousness between masturbation and sleep researching the Z-Bo/Q-Rich trade that sent Q-Rich back to the Clippers. I'm not sure why this crossed my mind at that particular time, but I remember falling asleep very worried that Alex Acker would not come off the #3 (I don't even know who the fuck Alex Acker is but he is listed on the Clips roster wearing the #3).

I never thought about Q returning to LA again until today when Q-Rich was traded for the third time! this summer for my boy Bassy and some white dudes (I'm not sure who Craig Smith is, but he sounds white).

This is why I like Q-Rich so much:
0. The retard-alien head-bop celebration
1. He played at DePaul with Paul McPherson
2. He is a local Chicago dude
3. His dad drove the L Train even after Q-Rich made the NBA
4. Both his brothers were shot and killed within a two-year span (I'm not sure why this is a reason I like Q, but I find it interesting)
5. He was engaged to Brandy
6. At some point he stopped being engaged to Brandy
7. I once witnessed this exchange:
Q-Rich to his son: "Show Uncle D. Miles what you do after you score"
Q-Rich's son: does retard-alien head-bop
D-Miles and Brandy: faces light up with sincere pride
8. He is a Jordan Brand athlete

This is why I like Sebastian Telfair:
1. He's Steph's cousin
2. He's from Coney Island
3. The movie "Through the Fire"
4. He got caught trying to carry a gun on an airplane in a pillow
5. He was bringing his own pillow with him
6. It was later rumored that he was carrying the gun because he was afraid of his own teammate Zach Randolph
7. This SLAM cover

I'm really happy that somehow this summer Q-Rich, Bassy and Z-Bo were all involved in trades for each other. And I really hope Q-Rich is traded three more times before the season starts and I hope at least one of the teams involved is an Arena Football League team.

By the way next time you see Tarny congratulate him on obtaining his WA license plate (below) that just so happens to be blessed with ZBO and the amount of strippers Z-Bo tried to rape while in Portland. Congrats Tar, we're all so proud of you.

Other things I am interested in:

- For no reason at all I am way too happy about Demar Derozan playing for the Raptors. Maybe it's because it was my dream to grow up in the CPT, get paid a lot of money and bang a lot of girls while playing for USC and then play in a really trill market.

- This Melo wallpaper is too sick. Click to enlarge below.

- I love that whatever Griffin not named Blake the Suns drafted in the second round is now wearing #32.

- I was really, really, really, really hoping Ron Artest would have chose #8 when he signed to the Lakers.

- Still not sure why my boy Channing Frye is gonna rock #8 for the Suns. 44 is retired for Westphal, but 45 is open and I coulda swore 8 was retired for DJ Strawberry.


ATarnowski said...

Props on the banner, and just like Ikea it takes WPM 2 months to put a post together.

/DS Commenter'ed

Andy said...

Somewhere Schoeneck is rolling over in his tim's due to your comments on Craig smith. Shameful

Brandon Schoeneck said...

Top 5 things from Inglewood, CA:

1. Craig Smith

2. Randy's Donuts near the 405 freeway

3. the great number of scenes from the movie Boyz N the Hood filmed in Inglewood, CA and the talk on Interstate 105 between Alonzo and Jake in the movie Training Day.

4. Mack 10

5. Paul Pierce

Andy said...


T.R. Knight said...

This blog's gay as fuck

Andrew said...

wow T.R. Knight. cool

Eric McCormack said...

I don't get it, it's a web blog about basketball?

Once Loyal Reader said...

I hope you are at least matching your socks, cuz i dont see many words