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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Any American who has ever lived outside of the United States will tell you the best part of being abroad is gaining access to whole new collection of shitty, geo-targeted advertisements.

While ads for super-compact cars and local cellular service providers don't particularly move me, this one made me want to blast some Lee Greenwood and hang the Stars and Stripes from my terrace's railing*.

Granted, I'm a 1-year veteran of the advertising industry, so I can appreciate the ad that much more than the common man. However, I think we all can enjoy its subtle way of saying, "Get the fuck over to the USA (and do it legally too, so we can charge you accordingly). Or else we will topple your pawn-ass country!" Plus what better selling points are there than the promise of "Freedom, liberty and justice for all."

*Catalans don't hang much from their window railings except for laundry, but every day I fight the urge to take what I learned from NYC's Dominican/Puerto Rican population and drape my homeland's flag outside my apartment. There really is no better way to let everyone know that while I love Barcelona, I come from the land of DMX, Larry David, and other awesome human beings.

Because I'm American I dream big (and because I work 2 hours a week, I have a lot of time to dream), so once I can get more of my friends to move over here, I plan on using Brooklyn's Hewes Street model (see below) to really let the masses know what's up. That being said, I will do the right thing and follow the official ratio of 8 foreign flags for every 1 domestic flag, because I wouldn't want to offend anyone. And I'm not a dick.