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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Tinta En Papel

The last time I had an article printed in an actual newspaper was five years ago when I wrote for the Daily Wildcat. A lot of things have changed since then, but the ridiculously silly feeling I get from having an article published has not. 

Today I walked in the Montana Colors, where aside from being able to buy street-art and spray paint you can pick up a free copy of the tri-lingual alt-monthly BCN mes. As I walked out the door with my paper in hand, I shot the employees behind the counter a look that said, "You guys just don't get it. Man. I had an article published in this paper (note: heavy sarcasm)."

Sure my article was mediocre at best, with an attempt at journalism so half-assed that I barely got the names of anyone I interviewed and it ran on page 21 of a 24 page newspaper and this sentence is really, really long.

But at least I didn't Scott Templeton any parts of it. I actually talked to people and wrote an article from it.

For those of you who live outside Barcelona and/or don't frequent graffiti shops that sell cans of yellow spray paint for an art project that you still haven't started three months after that impulse buy; you can read my article online here. It's my "investigation" into Barcelona's tacky t-shirt phenomena. 

One day I soon I'll run a much-better written essay that'll link to my much-better written first article (or you can find that article by looking at my two-story archive on their site).

Damn it feels good to be a (half-assed) journalist.


Anonymous said...

One day all of Africa will be clothed in Spanish screen-prints and super bowl losers shirts. Of course it will be historically inaccurate and incredibly crude, but it will be beautiful.

nicolasnicklebee said...

Any article even if it is the biggest pile of crap is always a good article to you! Cheers

chris lewis said...

i'd tap that, with a picture of a pinata, that shit would sell like hot cakes