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Friday, July 27, 2012

USA! USA! USA! Game 2

This post will be a lot shorter and arguably sweeter than my Game 1 post.

 The US squad started out down 15. Then we came back and by the end of the first we only trailed by 2. Despite what this box score says, I'm pretty sure the US was up 20 the rest of the game. 

Impassioned by the exhibition game win, yet still completely ignorant of world politics and economics, I told Sarah the game very similar to the US economy. Right now we're down 15, but soon we'll be up 20 for the rest of our lives. 

Sarah asked what that means for Spain. I still don't have an answer for that.

 James Harden hit back-to-back threes at the end of the game, helping the US get to 100 points. If anybody knows how I can collect my free Jack in the Box tacos while in Spain, please let me know.

 I've ate paella, seen a bullfight, been unemployed (zing!), and done a lot of other traditional Spanish things. But until Tuesday night's halftime performance I'd never seen a Castell, which was high (no pun intended) on my things-to-see-in-Spain bucket list. Their performance was amazing. There's really nothing like seeing little kids climb six humans high and risk their lives to entertain some basketball fans. 

 A fan in attendance wore a Rafer Alston Toronto Raptors jersey, which was rather funny. 

 Another fan in attendance wore a Gilbert Arenas Orlando Magic jersey, which was something like George-Carlin-multiplied-by-Mitch-Hedburg-multiplied-by-Jerry-Seinfeld-multiplied-by-Louis-C.K. funny.