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Friday, May 25, 2007

Air Canada

Here is a feature I wrote on the Pac-10 pole vault champion Gabriella Duclos. Gabriella is probably the coolest Canadian in Arizona south of Steve Nash and she always genuinely apologizes when she misses my calls for interviews. I don't know if she's a Bryan Colangelo fan or not.
Pac-10 women's pole vault champion Gabriella Duclos remembers breaking down and crying in Arizona coach Fred Harvey's office early in her freshman year.

The stress of getting into classes, finding housing and adjusting to college - all while barely speaking English - was too much for the then-17-year-old Duclos, a native of French-speaking Quebec City.

She arrived in August 2006, never having committed or applied to UA. To top it off, she missed her initial flight after being stuck in Canadian customs for more than two hours. read on...