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Thursday, May 03, 2007

B. Diddy run this city, show no pity

Easily the best picture in this history of photography

Well the Warriors did it. Possibly the most gangsta team (not to have AI) in the NBA knocked off the No. 1 seed Mavs with relative ease. My favorite moments in no particular order: Baron Davis hugging Ronnie Lott before he came out of the game! Matt Barnes dunking on Dirk... J-Rich finally getting a sick dunk in on the series... Stephen Jackson being Stephen Jackson... Mickael Pietrus crowd-surfing after the game... Dirk finishing his MVP campaign with 8 pts on 2-13 shooting... This picture of Monta Ellis... Uncle Snoop Dogg, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson showing some love... Real recognizing real... Mark Cuban getting this all night... A "WE BELIEVE" give-away shirt sold for this much.

This was seriously the best playoff series I have ever seen (excluding anything Michael Jordan ever participated in). Not to get too ahead of myself, but if Allah allows it and the Warriors meet the Suns in the WCF I'm going to be very confused as to who to root for.

I can't wait until Dirk is awarded MVP in the most awkward press conference ever.

Also where the fuck are the Bay Area rappers, who claim to own the entire Yay. Surely 40 Water, Keak, $hort Dog and others had to be some where at the stadium. Can I get a pic of this any where? J-Diggs get at me.

I was gonna break down the shear ridiculousness of TNT only having three advertisers, but I'll save that for later on.