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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bums, Bron and Bees

Apparently the bum described in yesterday's post, may only be half-bum as he might have a job according to Tarny, who writes:
While my bum story might not be that good, but I actually sat with that bum for a half my freshman year at a UA game. The very same bum that Brett ran into on the bus. He's actually not a bum, you may see him selling Eegee's at events like baseball games in the future.

I didn't get season tickets my freshman year, so I went down to buy a scalped one, and this guy was selling them cheap, and his seats were really good...to the right of the student section in the corner. I walk into McKale Center, get a pretzel and soda on Monopoly (Cat card) money and walk to my seat. Low and behold, there is this toothless bastard that sold me a ticket, sitting in the seat right next to it.

Generally when I buy scalped tickets, the scalper isn't going to sit next to me at the game, he's going to the straight to da weedhouse. So it seems this gentleman wasn't selling a seat, he was buying a friend because he talked my fucking ear off before the game even started. He had a copy of Lute's book with him, so this may have actually been my sophomore year (Marijuana effects the memory). He was wearing a Channing Frye white #45 with all the signatures on it and was really really excited about this team, needless to say after a few awkward high-fives I weaseled my way down to the student section behind the band. Of course this was before the first 8 rows were reserved for kids from AEPi.
Seriously I know more readers have crazy bum/Wildcat stories, send 'em in justinadler1@gmail.com.

From bums to Bron, here is the new commercial for the Zoom LeBron Vs. Apparently it's only out in China, but only a few more weeks until it's on every commercial break on TNT.

The commercial is nice and all but I need more Business LeBron. "Hold that, hold that thought, I'm a call you back." Nike, you gotta at least match that line.

Now on to the killer bee, Ghostface, who perfomed at UA tonight. It was a pretty solid show, but I'd like to call out the motherfucker who tried to sneak a wine cooler into the concert. This is Ghostface Killah. The man who worked on "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx." The Wally Champ. The man who broke Ma$e's jaw because he thought the "Ready to Die" album cover was biting the "Illmatic" cover. His Wikipedia entry reads, "Ghostface actually devised a way of dying Wallabees different, interesting colors, which were the height of fashion at the time." The man rocked a golden eagle and golden Versace plate. The man who wore a mask over his face when Wu-Tang came out because the feds were after him. This list could go on for 100 more pages.

How are you going to disrespect all of this and try and bring a fucking wine cooler into his concert? And get caught trying to sneak a wine cooler in the show? Come on now.

Also props to Tony Starks for saying "y'all n*ggas got a pretty ill team" in reference to the Diamondbacks.