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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Mad short recap for a mad boring game:

Red/Blue game, Tucson's first chance to see the '08 squad since Lute shafted us out of the Midnight Madness. Remember this isn't even exhibition, this is an intrasquad scrimmage.

  • I am pretty sure before every Red-Blue game Lute thinks to himself, "This city loves me, let's see how boring of a speech I can give and still get a standing ovation."
  • Seeing Bayless in the #0 uni just doesn't look right.
  • The UA warm-up long-sleeve shirts are a shiny red, reminiscent of the satin baseball jackets really coked-out players would wear in the '80s.
  • Every year I hope a UA freshman is going embrace their inner Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and refuse to stand during the national anthem in their first collegiate game, just to stir things up a little. Every year I am disappointed.
  • I didn't stay for the second half, but according to various WPM correspondents it was "very uneventful and mad boring."
  • Jerryd Bayless had 26, mainly in the second half.
  • Final score: 76-63, Blue. Seriously nothing happened in this game. I would hate to be an actual journalist and have to report on this.
Nic Wise Moment of the Game: Nic Wise thrives in the games that don't count. In an exhibition game last year he went 8-8 before burning himself out for the rest of the season. Tonight he dropped 13, including 3 treys, all in the first half, knowing that I wasn't watching the second half, so there really was no point to do anything special.

Please God.

I may have been wrong, well at least until the end of October.

I'm sure nobody witnessed it, but the women's team got blown out in their Red/Blue game by their male practice players. These aren't players from the men's team, just random dudes who play in the rec and are chosen to help the women practice. They beat a full-strength women's D1 squad 73-41.

New Cam'ron garbage single, saved by the verse:
"I picked up my intern, Andrea/
I keep her low like Bob Perry, so I pay her/
When I fuck her like Marbury, Isiah"

There is no link here, I just wanted to thank Ted Turner for another year of the NBA on TNT.


Brandon Schoeneck said...

That's funny about the women's team getting blown out. In the intramurals last spring we actually played the dudes that beat the women's team. They whooped us by at least 20 points. They weren't specatacular athletes or anything, just good fundamentals and lights out shooters.