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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Futbol y más

(available for immediate release)
Wherespmac.com is proud to announce its first partnership with the intramural soccer club Off Constantly. Last year only one team beat Off Constantly in a stellar inaugural season, in which Off Constantly went undefeated before losing deep in the playoffs.

This season Off Constantly is having a rough time adjusting to new players and shaking off the summer rust. However Off Constantly is admittedly using the 2002 Lakers approach of dogging the regular season and saving their energy for the post season run that will hopefully include a championship.

Random Links:

First off, hope all is well for Lute.

After last year's tazing before the UNC game and this year's tazing at the football home-opener, maybe ZonaZoo t-shirts should be made out of this.

It's good to see the King making cameos in bullshit rap videos.

Agent Arenas breaking down why he should be MVP.

A really interesting NPR bit on ghost people.

Really good read on the Google Phone.

Apparently Staf is no longer on the Kings roster.

“I have the utmost respect and aloha for black people" -Dog

Killa Cam quote of the day:
"Hahaha, of course! You know my lawyers are Jewish, they be saying that all the time. So then I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Larry David—I fuck with Larry—he called Ted Danson a ‘yenta.’ Yo, I fell out laughing. That sh-- was crazy. I said, that’s exactly what all these folks are doin’, gossiping about me. Yentas. That’s where the ‘Cam’ron is anonymous’ came from too. Did you see that episode? That’s my sh--. You have HBO On Demand? Its episode 52…."