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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My first real game of the season. A real thriller as the Mid-Con/Summit league's University of Missouri Kansas City paid a visit to McKale to play the Lute-less Cats.
  • Watching UMKC warm-up I notice they only have three black players on their team. If you doesn't murder them, this will be an embarrassment.
  • No Weezy, but UA now plays a little pre-game Daft Punk. Respect.
  • It's close all the way throughout the first half UMKC is actually leading at the 7-minute mark, 18-16. Keep in mind only one black dude started.
  • After a quick run, UA goes into the second half, up 37-29. Although 9 first half turnovers and allowing 7 offensive boards made the first half almost unbearable to watch.
  • UA finally wakes up 20 minutes into the game. Hitting 3s, getting boards, and playing with a little energy for a change of pace. All UA in the second half.
  • Final 81-62. The Cats are back above .500, 2-1 baby!! Bring on Adams State.
Where's P-Mac Nic Wise Moment of the Game: Up 17 with 2:56 to go in the game, UMKC is taking the ball out of bounds with 8 seconds on the shot clock. Coach O'Neill brings in defensive specialist Nic Wise to make sure the UMKC Kangaroos don't bring this game any closer. As the shotclock expires, UMKC forces an off-balance deep 3-pointer from the top of the arc. Whistle, foul, 1-3, white. 3 at the line. Utterly incredible.

Sneaker Watch: This is where Mustafa and Marcus' departure hurts the team the most. Hate 'em or love 'em they always had nice kicks. Only thing worth mentioning in Monday night's game was Jawann's white/blue Huarache 2K4s. Raja would be proud. (By the way wasn't it always love it or hate before the Game/50 song. I swear to god they changed around the order of that saying. Maybe I'm just crazy)

Louis Nap Sack Where I hold'n all the Work at Moment of the Game: To the security guard who let bring in a nap sack full of Goldfish (that's just how real I keep it) after one of the other guards wanted me to throw them away. "To throw away that many Goldfish would be a crime," he said. I could agree more.


Creepy Old Hobo said...

I tried to sneak a sack full of life goldfish out of a pet store, but they saw the water seeping through.