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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some Links

Need a time-out you probably shouldn't be taking. Here's some articles and videos that are probably more entertaining than your homework.

First, an update in Agent Zero, err, Hibachi, err, Nacho's blog.

This is why I love the NBA. Melo and AI bringing new meaning to the mile high city.

I always knew they had a chance.

Incredible piano medley of Kanye's Graduation.

I am not the best journalist in the world, in fact I'm not even sure I'm a journalist at all any more, but I'm gonna go ahead and give the WPM Lamest Lead Ever Award to this trash. Come on now Lance, step your game up.

I have driven through Casa Grande a million times. I never knew there was a massive Fritos factory there. Respect on the green chips.

Every time I read an article on Google, I get more and more excited for the day they take over the world.
"When it comes to awareness of the stock price, they say, Google is different from other large high-tech companies where they have worked, like Microsoft, where the day’s stock price is a fixture on many people’s computer screens.

At Google, the sensibility is more nuanced, they say. “It isn’t considered ‘Googley’ to check the stock price (which hovers in the high $600s),” said an engineer, using the Google jargon for what is acceptable in the company’s culture. As a result, there is a bold insistence, at least on the surface, that the stock price does not matter, said the engineer, who did not want to be named because it is considered unseemly to discuss the price."

Hopefully Google can one day do something about Saudi rape victims receiving 200 lashes.

Still don't think Google can ever help Mustafa Shakur's game. Congrats on signing on to a club in Poland.

Finally Marcus Williams, who was widely hated by every athlete on campus for being a self-obsessed dick, is finally getting his. After being drafted in the second round and cut by the San Antonio Spurs, Marcus was recently cut by the NBA D-League's Austin Toros. I didn't even know you could get cut from a D-League squad.