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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Can you dig it?!

No, not really. Definitely not now at least.

(not my genius, credit Niketalk)

Yesterday as Shaq to Phoenix rumors started swirling, I thought nothing of it. There is no way Shaq is coming to Phoenix, If the Suns couldn't pull KG, who was begging to come to Phoenix, how are we going to now get Shaq. More importantly why the fuck would we want Shaq. It's not the early 00s or whatever you call the period from 2000-2005, it's 2008. Last time I checked Shaq was a shell of his former self, on the injured list and on the worst team (9-37) in the league.

Last night I was still in a delusional state hoping this was another retarded trade deadline rumor a la the rumor of Portland giving up Jarrett Jack, Travis Outlaw and Channing Frye for Devin Harris in a Jason Kidd trade. I joked I'd rather trade Shawn Marion straight up for Devin Harris for two reasons: one, Devin Harris is not 52 years old, two, he is not owed $40 million over the next two years (that one is not an exaggeration).

More of angry, pissed off Justin's thoughts:

We might as well see if we can trade for a 2001 version of Allan Houston, so we can officially have the worst bang for the buck of all time. Seriously though, worst case scenario, the Suns can Allan Houston Rule Shaq.

If we are going to trade our second-best player, I'd rather have anybody not named Kwame instead of Shaq.

As much of a constant bitch Shawn Marion, he still fit the Suns offense better than anybody in the league, period.

Why not just keep Kurt Thomas, who the Suns traded to Seattle to save a little over $8 million. Seriously Kurt averaged 4.6 points and 5.7 boards in 67 games for the Suns last year. This season he's 7.3 and 8.9 and has played 38 games for the Sonics. Shaq put up 17.3 and 7.4 in only 40 games for the Heat in '07 and was averaging 14.2 and 7.8 in 32 games for the Heat this season. Yes Shaq's numbers are better but are they $12 a season better?

What the fuck is Steve Kerr doing?!

Justin's coping-with-it thoughts on the Shaq trade:

First and foremost, Shawn, you were never happy being an all-star, playing along side two all-stars on a championship caliber team, while getting paid a max contract. You're now on the worst team in the NBA, a team which already lost 15 straight games this season. Suck a dick and a half bitch (c) E-40.

Honestly we were never going to win a championship with the team we had, not unless the rest of the west caught the Black Plague, any change is good, I guess.

It is Shaq, at least he'll be entertaining.

Maybe proving the world wrong and keeping Kobe from ever getting another ring will be all the motivation he needs.

We no longer have Marcus Banks. That's just great.

In other horrible basketball news, Where's P-Mac's prodigal son, Nic Wise may be out for the season after knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. This sucks in more ways than I'm able to comprehend right now, the only silver lining is Nic's Facebook status which reads: "Nic Wise Had surgery. P.S. USC & UCLA i gave you buckets with a torn meniscus."

On a positive note, if you follow Philly women's prep hoops like I do this article is a must-read. Or if you just want to learn about the Tarnowski hoops history.