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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tell 'em why you mad son

I always wondered how Darius Miles looked in the mirror every day. Having throwm away all the potential in the world, it seemed like he had the whole world in his hands back in the Clippers M.O.B. days. Him and Q-Rich were too ill with their silly head bop and Gangstarr laced Jordan commercials. For a second they had people believing there were two basketball teams in LA.

Thankfully John Canzano of the Oregonian ripped the shit out of Miles with this godly article and explained how Miles is completely complacent where he's at. A definite must-read, as any article that begins with Darius Miles and Dennis Dixon together in a strip club is.

Even though D. Miles is one of the biggest idiots in a league where they come a dime a dozen, I'll always respect him simply for the fact that when he got hurt on the Blazers, the next day he went to downtown Portland and bought 50 different suits, just so he would have a new suit to wear for every game.

It seems like every team doctor in the league always says, "(insert your favorite player) will return from his injury quicker than expected because of how incredibly fit he is and how determined he is to get back on the court."

Not Darius Miles, he's content wearing suits on the sideline (most of the time) and cashing his check on the 1st and 15th.

As if the New York Times recent articles revealing how it's easier to quit crystal meth than Facebook weren't bad enough. This old video should provide a little bit more of paranoia.

Vimeo.com is like YouTube from the future. All the videos are near HD or actually in HD.


roman said...

Remember when D Miles and Q Richardson used to do the thing where they hit their forehead with two hands after every basket. That shit caught on for a while and was actually kinda dope.