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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Zona Zoo...lame

Dear Zona Zoo,

Your e-mails are completely worthless. Please stop sending me a million e-mails telling me when I can line up for the game. I will continue to get there 45 minutes before tip-off and continue to be complacent with mediocre seats.

Just because the team (outside of Bayless) let down the entire school against ASU, doesn't mean you have to push Thursday's Cal game extra hard. If Chase Budinger and Jordan Hill aren't going to show up for the game, why the fuck should we.

Please note that during football season it would take a lot more than a free Chipolte burritto for me to support any program Mike Stoops' name is attached to.

Figure out how to get your ticket system working and please leave me alone.

If you want to see how a real student section is run, refer to Oregon's Pit Crew. Please review their brilliant listserv.

Hey Everyone,

So here’s the deal. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the theme of Thursday’s UW game is “Happy Valentine’s Day Ryan Appleby.” I didn’t want to send a message out too early in the week, as we want this to be a complete shock to him. That’s also why we’ve been telling reporters all week that Thursday will be really bad, because we wanted them to fuel the fire and make Appleby think this year will be like last year. What happened last year is old news, so lets create something that will be remembered for the right reasons. We don't want to be like the Washington students and do the same old, dumb stuff every year.

This is a great opportunity for us, as a group, to show how creative we actually are. Make giant Valentines day cards for him, write poems, dress up in your finest attire; we want this to be something special! It’s the last thing he and his teammates will be expecting, and the more we can throw him off, the better. The best/funniest Valentines card, addressed to Appleby, will win a pair of NIKEiD Oregon Shox courtesy of NIKEiD.com. Sign it “from AB” or "Aaron" if you want, but be creative and keep the content and slogans funny, not malicious. We will collect the best cards and give them to him after the game. Ryan’s girlfriend will also, reportedly, be at the game and we will present her with flowers before the tip-off (if she makes an appearance.)

Ya, I realize UW is a Rival, I hate the school as much as everyone else, but lets get this done and make the reporters who’ve been writing all this garbage about the Pit Crew lately look silly. That means during the game as well, don’t chant “Applebitch” or anything like that, it’s old and frankly, quite dumb. Cheer for the Ducks, and if it's having an effect, cheer for Ryan as well throughout the game.


ATarnowski said...

(nodding in complete agreement)

FUCK THE ______!" is getting pretty old, and thanks for changing the days every week so I have to scramble to get tickets instead of keeping it the same day every week. No one has thought that's a good idea...morons.