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Monday, March 09, 2009

Flogger de Tucson

Here are some pictures I took from my recent jaunt to Tucson. As always click pictures to enlarge.

Here's the bus and it's Peruvian owner. The bus has made it back to Tampa Bay twice, New York twice, and Guatemala once.

The cool Peruvian's girlfriend, Kim, let us inside and it was unreal.

The good ol' train.

This used to be the Alamo, which my friend Dustin and I tried to save one night to no avail.

Then we journeyed to BICAS, the greatest place on earth.

I know every cool hipster biker/wanna-be photographer in town has tried to get artsy picture inside BICAS, but here is my attempt. If nothing else it was good practice for when I will be competing against hipster bikers/wanna-be photographers in New York City.

I met this incredible kid Alex, who just bought this bus for $1,200 off Craigslist. He's 19, owns a bus, and will soon be heading to Seattle for art school. If I could do it all again (meaning three years ago), I think I'd do something like that.
Alex his bike, burrito, bed and bus. Three cents, a joint and a neat wallet. Ah, to be 19 again.

I looked into this thing for 30 seconds trying to figure out why the kaleidoscope did not work. Then I realized it was a tube of long-stick matches.

Me, Alex and Donovan.

Then I started taking silly MySpace-esque self-shots in the back window of the bus.

Then I got this photo, which followed my photographic goals as stated in #2 of this post, where I wrote, "And really whenever I'm shooting any photo I'm just hoping I get lucky and it looks like a Nas album cover."

So with a little editing....

Then we biked over to the Hay House (SW corner of Fremont and Waverly), which we learned was actually a straw house.
We hung out with the owner Billy, who told us all about his project.
Here is a list of things I learned:
1. Billy's old UA professor lives next door and came up with the idea.
2. Straw is a good insulator, but Billy claims the main reason for the straw use is because of its weight-bearing ability.
3. He loves the acoustics of the house and he has a lot of jam sessions inside it.
4. He lost almost everything a few years ago, but is now happy to be out of the rat race and living in a straw house in Tucson.
5. Billy is an odd, but great dude.

Here is Billy's straw bed.

This is Jim's Market, my favorite closed market in Tucson. I always dreamed of it opening and getting a great shake there. Unfortunately it never opened.

Even worse it appears Jim's Market is being taken over by Red Coats.


Tyler Smith said...

Between The Illmatic Bica Rendition the Brain Scans which i believe may show a Tracking Node, and the 19 year old who bought a bus, and will definitely be living in it, This post will go down in History as one of the best, ever written by any human being.

Michael McKisson said...

1) Great Post
2) I had no idea you rode
3) I have always wondered what "fresh milk bread" is. I suppose it is just lacking the proper punctuation.
4) Did you try the joint before trying to get the "kaleidoscope" to work?

Seth Janiga said...

Well i thought i was the lewis to your clark, but apparently all i did was obstruct your view of the straw bed. meanwhile, dustin gets a shoutout while hes 3000 miles away... you've changed bro.

Beit said...

How about a "thanks to my friend Beit Machine for allowing me to sleep on his couch, eat yogurt, bagels and cereal while watching the green channel. Or for showing me the hay house. I'm boycotting until the next bullshit rap video.

Justin Adler said...

I remember Michael and I think I remember Tyler, but I have no idea who "Beit" and "Seth Janiga" are.

kidAlaura said...

when during this trip did i drunk dial you?

Rick Rielly said...

Jeepers!! Some of these terrible comments are giving me a KidA-nker Sore!!!