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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Get off of my cloud

Here's a quick rundown of my top eight cloud pictures from the last two weeks. Enjoy.

8. The photo was taken from Recoleta Cemetery, which is a large cemetery in the posh barrio of Recoleta. All of the mausoleums make New Orleans' cemeteries look like shit in comparison.

Many of the mausoleums are the size of small houses. You gotta have a ton of money and the right family connections to be buried here as it's the hip spot to lay for eternity in Buenos Aires.

There is another more massive cemetery in Buenos Aires, called El Cementerio de la Chacarita, which I refer to as the quanity over quality cemetery, as it is the size of an entire barrio. The Chacarita cemetery is equally nuts though as it goes on forever and the whole thing is three stories deep as the underground holds three stories of drawers.

If I wasn't already committed to being buried in Portland, I'd consider the Cementerio de la Chacarita just because I like to be with the common man.

7. Another photo from the Recoleta Cemetery. This is one of those photos where it actually looked better in real life as I couldn't get the green from the statue to show up in the photo. Still fairly trill though.

It took me two months of living here, but I finally got around to seeing the Floralis Generica, which is a famous touristy photo. It's a huge 23-meter tall, chrome flower that opens and closes with the sunlight.

I'm still not sure if I like the Floralis Generica over Cloud Gate in terms of my favorite chrome monstrosity.

4. Here's a shot of the construction in Puerto Madero, the richest barrio in Buenos Aires.

3. Here's the Obelisco de Buenos Aires. Kinda lame in my opinion, but the clouds are pretty.

2. This photo really just makes me happy because it reminds me of the album cover of Nas' "Stillmatic." And really whenever I'm shooting any photo I'm just hoping I get lucky and it looks like a Nas album cover.

1. This photo is just absurd and I'm amazed that my camera was even able to capture all this. This is the same uncropped photo from the top of the page. This is also the only photo that's on the blog that is a high-quality jpeg and not a bandwidth-friendly save-for-web jpeg.

Bonus unrelated link: This article is amazing and almost tricked me into wanting to be a teacher in New Orleans.


Tyler said...

If you knew HDR your shit would be unbelievable, keep up the dope work you always were money with those cloud shots. See if you can get any nighttime cityscape.

Mr_G said...

great shots. im going to see how long i can go having only wpm backgrounds on my computer. im at like 2 months now. and yes this is just to top bietners use of wpm photos as facebook pics.

TheTruth said...

Cloud pictures? Really?

Don King said...

thats right Don King here, December 16th, 2008, great night of the hallowed christmas party, Owen "bruiser" Bietner faces Dustin "slappy" Seplo for Justin's undying love (no homo). Seplo has a lot to prove because we all know he is no Owen. Owen has nothing to prove other than he isn't God and can't smite people on the spot. bring your Christmas sweaters bitches its goin to be epic.

kidAlaura said...

cloud gate (the bean) is for sure better. chicago is my favorite city.

ATarnowski said...

can i get a sick banner sometime soon?