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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been busy with the following:

- Working 45+ hours a week.
- Cleaning/Fixing up my new apartment which was a complete mess.
- Entertaining visting family that I had not seen in three months.
- Pretending to be Puerto Rican and celebrating Puerto Rican Day.
- Pretending to be African-American and going to the opening day of the E.B.C.

Once I get closer to finishing my apartment, which includes getting a bed (something I've been without for the past 2 weeks), and I find some free time, I'll throw down a grip of blogs I have been saving up.

Until then read some WPM praise from a guy who has two kids, a wife, a mortage and still finds time to update his blog almost every day. And thank you again to Jeff Pearlman for the kind words, I promise that soon enough I'll turn this back into a regularly updated blog worth reading.


John Amaechi said...

This is my kinda blog entry!

matt ladensack said...

I sucked 37 penises between posts. This number cant be more than 9 in future.