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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Maybe tomorrow

So making the transition from full-time blogger to part-time blogger has been rougher than I expected. I swear to Allah that tomorrow I'll turn a million G-Mailed notes to myself into real blogs. In the mean time try to appreciate the greatness of
Brandon Jennings' Twitter.

@Korchagin write in English.


Bill Gates said...

It's this kind of hard work and dedication that made me the richest man in the world.

Sonny Liston said...

Bill Gates is a faggot

Anonymous said...

very impressive with the twitter embedding. this post would have been more sorts of awesome if the last comment was @ joe biden like i first thought, and not someone i have never heard of.

Banhammer said...

Fuck literally every single word said by above commenter "anonymous". When the only two posts in just under a months time are bullshit excuses and gay fucking twitter shit you have absolutely no right to compliment mother fucking embedding. Also i do not believe i need to explain why the joe biden/budden thing was arguably the gayest sentence written in the last 200 years.