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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Common Problem

Let's say you just covered your tattoo of the FC Barcelona logo with a dazzling combination of a sea turtle, telescope, ship's helm, and anchor.

Now your nautical friends think you're the man... but you've begun to notice that your fellow Barca-crazed brethren are starting to look down on you.


What are you going to do? You can't cover-up a cover-up, plus everyone knows it's impossible to transform a sea turtle into a Barca crest. And even if you could, your sailor posse would be disgusted by the act of tattoo treason.

So you sit there racking your brain trying to find a solution to win back your Barca friends while still appeasing the sailors.

Then finally it hits you. You'll invite them all over to your house where you will have accidentally left piles of seashells across your floor.

Once they've all arrived, you'll begin the well-rehearsed act.
"Oh how terribly embarrassing! It appears I've left these piles of seashells all over my floor!  
Thankfully I have this Carlos Puyol dustpan to clean this mess up.  
Dear God! There appears to be too much beach debris for one dust pan! Good thing I also have a Piqué and Sergio dustpan ."
Problem solved.