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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Part 15: Aveiro, Mealhada & Guimarães

Here’s my list of cities/things that resemble/actually are Venice:

1. Venice, Italy: I’ve never been but based off my experience with New York New York and actual New York City, I’m going to imagine that I’ll like the real city a lot better than the Vegas hotel version. 

2. Aveiro, Portugal: It’s like a micro version of Venice. It’s got some pretty buildings and most importantly I fell in love with this sandwich. Aside from that donut sandwich and the pretty canal(s), the city doesn't have much to offer.

3. Venice Beach, California: I once saw an And 1 Mixtape game filmed there, so naturally it will always have a special place in my heart. 

4. The Venitian Hotel, Las Vegas: I remember being really impressed with that painted sky thing. 

Near Aveiro is the tiny town of Mealhada, which is famous exclusively for is leitão (suckling pig), which is Portugal’s version of Segovia’s famed cochinillo asado. Not wanting to miss out on baby pig twice over, Sarah and I decided to splurge and try a platter. Unfortunately, we dined at the wrong time of the day and had an underwhelming, unproperly cooked pig. 

Guimarães is the birthplace of Portugal as indicated by that wall and a t-shirt I bought that has a cartoon of the baby Portugal spitting out a pacifier as it’s cradled by Papa Guimarães.

The shirt is kinda dumb and I’m still not sure if I liked it, but it was an impulse buy to try escape the depression I sunk into once I realized that I missed a Hype Williams concert in Guimarães by a mere 26 days. 

Granted until the day before I arrived in Guimarães, I didn't know that it was the 2012 European Capital of Culture (or that Europe even had a constantly rotating Capital of Culture), which was Hype reasoning for appearing in the Northern Portugal town. I still have no idea what Hype Williams "performs" and after a hefty amount of Googling I’m still not sure what a Hype Williams concert would consist of. 

But judging by Hype's track record the show most likely featured seizure-inducing lights, rappers spitting Cristal next to caged white tigers, and potentially a greased up-DMX.

The town also has weird baby pictures.


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