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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Part 3: Cuenca

At the start of our trip, I told Sarah that I didn't want to go to too many small Spanish towns because I was afraid we would get bored with them quickly. 

Then I went to Cuenca and had my first experience with free tapas. I'm going to blame either the smoked salmon or gazpacho pasta (which was oddly neither gazpacho-y or pasta-y) for making me delusional and causing me to fall in love with a town that really didn't have much to offer. 

I compared Cuenca to Sedona, AZ, mainly because they're both beautiful, small towns. I then declared that I like Cuenca better than Sedona even though I’m a guy who really likes Sedona and that one Michelle Branch song.

After giddily bouncing around the cobblestone streets, I popped into Cuenca's tourism office and asked for a map of every small town around Cuenca. Twenty minutes later I realized that visiting all these towns was logistically impossible and not the best idea to begin with. 

Note: I've rewritten this post too many times. Each draft is still terrible. In short: Cuenca was really enjoyable. Don't fret, tomorrow's post won't suck this badly. 

Sarah not all that impressed by those hanging houses.

What a sky!