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Friday, August 10, 2012

Part 6: Toledo

I'm gonna post Part 6 before Part 5 for no real reason at all. 

Maybe it’s the fact that Toledo was once home to a harmonious population of Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Because no less than three Gods working together could account for the miracle I witnessed on the permanently-renaissance-fair-themed streets of Spain’s original capital.

How else can you explain a Phoenix Mercury Diana Taurasi jersey sighting?

One could argue that hipsters ruined oldschool NBA jerseys. I’d counter that even if it’s accompanied by tight jean shorts and a forearm tattoo of three owls and a slice of pizza, I’ll still enjoy a Kenny Anderson jersey any day of the week.

But nothing is rarer than seeing a WNBA jersey amongst the general public, which is neither ironic, nor post-ironic, or any other form of modern irony.

That is why I thank Allah, Moses, and Jesus Cristo for blessing us with a DT3 sighting.

Wearing a Mercury jersey will cause your face to itch.
Street sweeping.