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Saturday, January 06, 2007

More Madness. Title IX Represent

If the simple posting of YouTube videos on this blog was not radical enough for you, the following should be more than enough.
The sports journalism course I am enrolled in forced me to miss the first half of the Arizona versus Washington game which Greg Hansen described as poetry in today's Arizona Daily Star. Instead Where's P-Mac readers will be treated to a review of the woman's Arizona versus Washington game. Not only will there be my typical game notes, but also I wrote an article about the game, which can be read below (Martin Longhi from my sports journalism class assisted in the article).

Joy Hollingsworth’s career-high 31 points were not enough to keep Arizona from losing its fifth straight to a red-hot Washington team.

Washington remained undefeated in the Pac-10 and won its ninth straight game to boast its record to 12-4 on the season.

Washington was able to consistently penetrate Arizona’s zone defense allowing Washington to shoot 49.2 percent from the field, 10 percent higher than Washington’s season average.

Washington head coach June Daugherty credited her team’s depth and veteran leadership for her team’s victory. Washington had four players score in double-digits.

Arizona’s scoring was not as diverse. The next leading scorers to Hollingsworth were Jessica Arnold and Amina Njonkou who had seven points a piece. Apart from Hollingsworth and Arnold, nobody attempted more than four field goals.

Washington opened the second half with a 16-8 run to boost its lead to 16. Arizona responded with a 13-3 run to cut Washington’s lead to six with eight minutes remaining.

“They (Arizona) were mixing it up defensively, and we were allowing Hollingsworth too many open shots,” Daugherty said of Arizona’s second-half run.

The Huskies returned to their stifling defense and again found their rhythm on offense closing out the remainder of the game for the 17-point win.

Arizona senior guard Joy Hollingsworth posted a career high with 31 points, on 10 for 24 shooting. Hollingsworth’s previous high was 26.

“It means nothing to me,” said Hollingsworth, who added that she would rather score zero points and have a win.

Arizona junior guard Jessica Arnold shot 1-13 from the field in the absence of her
backcourt teammate Ashley Whisonant, who was out with a knee injury.

“I always want to help out my team and I think sometimes I try too hard. I need to choose my shots better,” said Arnold.

Arizona has lost six of its past seven games and is now 6-10, 0-4 Pac-10.

Washington will finish its road trip through Arizona against Arizona State on
Jan. 7. The Wildcats will try to break their losing streak on Jan. 6 against Washington State at the McKale Center.


Now here are my normal game notes, which are shorter than usual because I am not a creative writing major, so making anything interesting out of this game wasn't easy.

  • I thought I knew UA sports pretty well until I realized I had never hearf of Joan Bonvicini, who's coached UA woman's basketball for the past 15! seasons.
  • UA's Joy Hollingsworth would bounce back from her slump in the bay area games, where she shot a combined 2-of-22 for a total of seven points. Tonight she scored a career-high 31.
  • The twirling squad apparently works the woman's games. They perform a slow-paced routine to Game and 50 Cent's "How we do" which was a somewhre between uncomfortable and comical to watch.
  • A woman in the crowd is wearing a pink Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald jersey with faux-bling on the 11. Respect...I think.
  • The UA band plays Paul Simon's "You can call me Al," which is by far my favorite music video to ever feature Chevy Chase.
  • UA's Amina Njonkou always wears a long-sleeve shirt underneath her jersey, which I guess is an effort to up-stage the arm-sleeve made famous by AI.
  • Washington's Stefanie Clark fires up a 3-pointer which barely grazes the bottom of the net. If I didn't know where I was I'd assume this was a YMCA youth league game.
  • Washington's star, Cameo Hicks hits back to back threes to put the Huskies up 14-7 early on.
  • 14:20 UA's Rhaya Neabors, who has an injured twin sister on the team, Rheya, airballs a jumper from about 6 feet out.
  • 6'6'' UA's Suzy Bofia is the tallest player on the court by a good four inches, yet she plays like she covered her hands in grease before the game and is physically unable to grab a rebound.
  • Suzy Bofia also has a twin, 6'7'' Beatrice, who is out with an injury. I'm pretty sure Beatrice is the woman who attempted to participate in the slam dunk contest during this season's McKale Madness and almost killed herself in the effort. If video of her ever biffing a two-handed dunk ever makes its way to the Internet I'll get rid of my DVD collection and cable and solely watch loops of her failed attempt.
  • 5:30 UA's Jessica Arnold brings the ball up the court, calls a play, ignores all her teammates, and misses a disgusting lay-up.
  • Washington's Emily Florence hits a deep three to put Washington up 29-22.
  • Halftime: 41-33, Washington
    • Both teams have nine turnovers
    • Washington has four fast break points to UA's zero.
  • 16:55 Florence rips Njonkou and hits a three to put Washington up 48-37.
  • Final 81-62. I try to like it, but woman's basketball is way too boring, I think counting sheep would have been more entertaining.
Sneaker Watch: Malia O'Neal wears some UA colored Huarache 2k5's with "Polkey" embroidered across the strap...An injured Ashley Whisonant Zoom Lebron IV...Some injured white UA player Jordan XI.