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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Videos of the week: An ode to Gil and Ecuador

In effort to make my blog blend in with the 342 trillion other blogs on the internet I am going to start posting YouTube videos which I find worthy of my bandwith. I will try to make this a semi-regular post, although my goal to post and analyze a bullshit rap video each week has not quite worked out so well (That post now has the video posted directly on it, surrouned by words that don't make much sense due to my lack of html skills).



Gilbert Arenas' buzzer-beater against the Bucks. Ridiculous range. Ridiculous confidence. Ridiculous walk-away post shot. Gilbert may be the most covered man in basketball right now, due largely in part to his personality. Although it doesn't hurt that he's third in the league in scoring, right behind Melo (who's still suspended from his slap/punch) and AI. About 20 pop-up a day, but these are my favorite Gilbert sites on the web.
Gilbertology.net By far the best Gilbert site on the web, anything Gilbert related makes it way here and quickly at that. Great links, great lay-out, and frequently updated.
The D.C. Sports Bog A site I'm kind of new to, but follows the Wizards closely and of course covers anything Gilbert as well. While I was reading their site I saw this link which basically did what I was attempting to do except much better.
Gilbert's blog Gilbert's very own NBA.com blog, which is updated rather frequently for an NBA superstar. The blog lives up to what would be expected out of Gilbert, pretty funny with some random NBA musing.
Gilbert's MySpace Gangsta because it's titled "Black President." Even more gangsta because it has pictures of his daughter right above pictures of his "secret service," which is comprised of roughly 50 hoes/strippers/classy individuals.


This video pretty much speaks for itself. It's possibly my favorite thing on YouTube right now. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I wanted to write about this. God bless Ecuador.