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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Brandon Jennings is a G

Even though I really don't have much hope for this year's Cats squad (set your expectations low and you can't be disappointed right?), Brandon Jennings has me stoked for the 2009 season, and I'm not one to use "stoked" often.
Check the quotes below to see how g'd up Brandon Jennings is: all taken from Aggrey Sam's Slamonline post

As far as the players, Gibbons said, “I’d say Brandon Jennings is the best player here. Talent-wise, he’s just head and shoulders above the other point guards,” noted Gibbons.

Jennings himself agreed with that assessment. “Having former pros teaching you is real exciting, but to be honest, I’ve had my way with everyone at this camp so far. Nobody here has really been any competition for me,” said the cocky Cali lefty. “I think I’m the king of [high school] point guards right now.”

“I don’t respect West Coast point guards; they’re too Hollywood for me. I’m more of an East Coast, flashy-type point guard,”
continued the rising senior at Oak Hill, arguably the most exciting player in the class.

“Someone like Jrue Holiday [another top-ranked Cali guard], he’s real smooth, goes to work in the first three quarters–but he’s not a killer yet. Me, I’m a killer.

That's right fuck every West Coast point guard. Brandon Jennings is better than you. He's a killer. Y'all get shot at, he does the shootin'. Brandon Jennings is God. Hype. Hype. Hype.

The article also had this to say about Mr. Jennings.
Brandon Jennings, 6-1 senior point guard, Oak Hill: Simply put, Jennings was unstoppable when he wanted to be. A human fast break, he had defenders on skates whenever he had the ball in his hands and either used his remarkable court vision to make a breathtaking dish to a teammate, got their faces wet with his much more consistent deep ball, finished at the rim with a creative touch ora high-rising bang.