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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fuck the minors

I hate the Tucson Sidewinders. I am glad they are leaving. I always dread having to cover a Sidewinders game. However the last time trudged to Tucson Electric Park, which is buried in Tucson's illustrious Southside, I discovered that Robby Hammock hates being there more than I do.

As I chatted with Robby in the clubhouse, I thought perhaps his best friend had just died along with his dog and he got a flat tire on the way to the game. The man was down and he did not want to be there. At all. He was still cool as fuck, just pissed off that he was living the minor league life in Tucson and not in the playing for the Diamondbacks while living in Scottsdale. Can't blame him.

Here is my quality work:

Before Sunday night's Sidewinders game, utility player Robby Hammock sat back on a couch with his bare feet propped on a table as he watched the Arizona Diamondbacks on a small television.

He wondered if he would still be in the majors if it wasn't for a 2005 shoulder surgery that sidelined him for a year.

"I just watch it thinking it's just all a bad dream and I'm going to wake up some day," said Hammock, 30, who was optioned to Tucson by the Diamondbacks on June 10. "I have no idea what's going to happen from here on out." read on

Gangster things that were cut from the article:
While he patiently waits to return to the major leagues and all the luxuries it includes he grows tired of the day-to-day grind of the minor leagues, which often entail plane flights which leave on 6 a.m. of game days.

“It just leads to poor performance and injury, I think it’s a terrible, terrible, terrible travel league,” Hammock said.

Silly quote that didn't make the story:
I might wear those orange vests and sell newspapers on the corners under street lights. I’ll put on long sleeves and go out in the 112-degree heat.” Robby Hammock on jobs he is considering if baseball does not work out for him.
It should also be noted that I let Robby know I wasn't fucking around right off the bat, when I rested my Oxide Dunks next to Robby's bare feet on the table.