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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gadgets and other ways to murk time

My friend Dustin said it the best the other day, "Seriously if I get hooked on any more blogs I won't be able to do anything." Well for those of you who do want another blog to waste your life away, there's Gizmodo.com, a blog that is updated about 250 times a day with incredibly interesting, and often worthless techno gadgets. Half the shit on the site isn't out yet and the other half I can't afford, but if you've developed an aversion to going outside, talking to people, and living life, then killing time on Gizmodo might be for you.

Here are my favorite Gizmodo posts of the past few days.

So here's where Gallagher is...Yeah this makes total sense...Japan really is awesome...The iCrane game...This would be real cool if they let you drive it intoxicated...If Where's P-Mac ever had shirts they'd all be in this kind of ink. And I'd only let cute chicks wear them.
This week's Where's P-Mac Book of the Week is Ant Farm: And Other Desperate Situations by former president of the Harvard Lampoon Simon Rich.
While I'm just throwing down a bunch of random shit, let me add this silly little quiz I stole from the inspiration for Wherespmac.com SLAM's Links.