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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Screw. No lean. No fun.

I don't even know what to make of this. This happened on Sunday, but I held off on writing anything until today because it took that long to sink in. Nic Wise, the man who never saw a three he didn't like, the man who coach Olson accused of being afraid to go inside the perimeter, the man who once went 8-8 in an exhibition game and never came close to that in a real game, the man who became ineligible after failing to turn in a class project, is pretty lame in real life.

Nic's quotes were all underwhelming, which is OK, not everyone can drop gems into a recorder. But the following is completely unacceptable for a WPM Moment of the Game star:

1. Does not have a favorite D.J. Screw Tape

2. He claims to have never abused prescription cough syrup.

What the fuck is that?

Somewhere Screw is rolling over in his purple casket.

Nic how the hell you rep Kingwood/Houston and not have a favorite Screw tape nor a great story you and your boys sitting sideways?

Granted, for what ever reason Nic may have assumed the good H-town questions were on record, despite the fact that the notebook and recorder were tucked away. But still...who doesn't love talking about Screw and Purp.

This is like finding out Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all don't exist on the same day.

Here is the little article I wrote on Nic and Jerryd Bayless playing together in the backcourt next year.

The best thing about the story was that when I asked Jordan Hill what was the name of the surgery he had on his wrist he replied, "I don't even know, it's a big word, I don't know."

Also Jordan Hill walked into the gym wearing a black brace on his wrist then took it off later to shake hands, apparently Hill was just using it to avoid the shaking hands with people he didn't like.

Here another bullshit article I wrote on c0-founder of the Tucson Summer Pro League Kelvin Eafon.

I never mentioned it, but big props to ol' Ivan and Mustafa for not getting drafted.

On a positive basketball note, Tajuan Porter is doing his thing in the U19 World Championships. No, I don't know why he's not on the U.S. Olympic team either.

Also the new Oregon Arena looks dope as fuck.


bert said...

Screwston to Toostoned? no F.R.E.E.S.P.M. tapes either probably.