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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One and done, children's books and more

Let's get to a few quality items:

First props to Brandon Jennings' mom for keeping it real in Philly:

However, Jennings' stay in college could be short. He and his family do not hide his desire to enter the NBA draft in 2009.
"If the success is there [after one season at Arizona], why wait?" said Alice Knox, Jennings' mother. "That's his goal. It's his dream."

The above was taken from this article. By the way, the man desperately needs a cool nickname and I'm not about to settle for B.J. Though if there is a still a Zona Zoo in '09, I expect many lame "I ♥ BJ " signs.

Also SLAM gives Brandon some praise here. SLAM rated him as the best in the RBK Camp.

1. Brandon Jennings, 6-2 point guard, Oak Hill (VA), 2008: When Jennings chooses to be, the Arizona commit has been simply spectacular, looking like a video game with his rainbow treys, ridiculous dimes and yo-yo handle. As the photo shows, he can also get freaky around the rim. Most impressive to me, however, has been
his competitiveness, commitment to defense and unselfishness, all with a big target on him.
A Stephon Marbury children's book on practice and valuable life lessons. Thank you God.

If you're wondering what type of cohesive thoughts the man can put together and teach the youth this video should have all the answers.

Bear Down Quote of the Day:
“I bring everything…a little personality, a little leadership, a little shooting, a little defense. I’m a buffet of goodness.” Channing Frye on what he's bringing to P-Town (link).


J.J. Abrams is like a heroine dealer who then introduces everybody to crack.