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Friday, August 10, 2007

Blue Chips and Clones

Let's take it back to '95! I really don't have a clue why Miami signed Penny, but if Nike puts out just one Lil' Penny commercial, it will all be worth it. The 62-year-old Hardaway probably won't do shit on the court, but it would be cool to see Lil' Penny kill that silly Lil' Bron in a media war.

"What are the Heat gonna do next, sign Nick Nolte as an assistant coach?" my friend Alex asked.

We can only hope.

Alex, a hardcore Arsenal Gunners fan, also pointed out this separated-at-birth.

Incoming UA freshman point guard Jerryd Bayless and Arsenal striker Theo Walcott:

Hopefully Jerryd is able to rebuild the UA point guard legacy that Staf spent four years destroying. A good start would be doing this after every big bucket. But I'd settle for this silly-ass grin. Here's another side-by-side of the #32s.