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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some old and some new

I'd like to credit my latest hiatus from the blog world to my lifelong hunt to find the right G-Shock watch, Jesus piece and a McDonalds fries v-neck sweater, too bad Kanye beat me to it.

Here's some fairly old shit I slacked on putting up:

Starbury showing his appreciation for the "sport" of dog fighting. Then having his publicist freak out and make him redact it with this.

Also props to DMX for staying trouble free out in Carefree. DMX's reality show on BET, "Sould of a Man" still remains to be one of my favorite shows of all time. All two episodes of it.

Something that everyone should hear is ex-Daily Wildcat sports editor Roman Veytsman blast off about his hate for Barry Bonds on NPR (click the red listen button).

A really entertaining Newsweek article about Facebook.

It's no F-Minus or Brevity, but this is a pretty neat comic. (props to Dustin on the link)

Most importantly is Gilbert Arenas' latest blog entry (which should be read in its entirety) talks a lot of shit about Richard Jefferson:
But I was telling him, “You have to do that because seven out of 10 people don’t know you enough to even remember what jersey number you wore in college. Ten out of 10 people know what I wore, seven out of 10 don’t know what he wore. So by him having that gym, that gives him some clout. He’s still going to be behind me with the fans, but now he has his own gym with his own name on it to go work out. That’s cute.

See, I’ve been donating since I got into the league, so I’ve donated more than the $3.5 he did for his selfish gym. It’s a selfish gym. It’s a gym that is celebrating Richard Jefferson. I’m donating to people. I’m helping people. He’s trying to be one of the elite Arizona players ever, which he’s not right now. Unfortunately, I had to be the one to say that he’s like the third favorite. But I think his stock is dropping. He’s like fourth now. I don’t know what happened to cause it, but he’s fourth now. The R-Jeff market is in a recession.
Gilbert's ideas for the Adidas Gil 20s are fucking genius:

So this is for all the shoeheads, I’m trying out a new something new. It’s never been done before. Every shoe is totally different. I’m hoping David Stern lets me wear all the different versions without giving me a fine. We’ll see. So there will be 20 different shoes in 20 different cities with 20 different release dates and I should have the schedule for you guys the next time I blog so you’ll know what color comes out in what city. I can give you a couple ideas of what the shoes are called though:

* Black President
* Agent Zero
* Hibachi (That Benihana's collabbed with me.)
* Coke Zero (That you can only get through Coke Rewards.)
* Don’t Watch Me, Watch TV
* NBA LIVE ’08 (The only way you can win this is from 2,000 golden tickets inserted into copies of the game. They’re doing the whole Willy Wonka thing.)
* Halo 3 (That Microsoft worked on.)
The Where's P-Mac Saturday morning cartoon of the week: Dragon. I fell in love with claymation dragons a few weeks ago when Flight of the Conchords hit me with "Albi: The Racist Dragon." Since then I get my fix from NBC's Dragon, which is a stop-motion claymation blue dragon who lives a pretty dope life in my opinion. In episode he gets "messed up" or "scrilled out" as my friends would say and he drinks toast, puts butter on tea, then goes to the market and fills up two shopping carts with food. We've all been there at one time or another, now there is just a blue dragon we can all relate to. He's also got a sick ostrich friend who always cracks me up.